Summer Game Fest 2022 already has a date and time: Geoff Keighley summons us in June for the most media event of the summer

Tom Henry

Geoff Keighley, affectionately nicknamed Dorito Pope or Señor Doritos —a nickname that comes from a curious interview that the journalist gave to the medium with the sponsorship of Mountain Dew and Doritos—, has carved out an important niche in the video game industry with the The Game Awards. The awards gala started in 2014 has been accompanied by many complaints about the advertising style of this event and how the organization left aside the minor awards in order to offer more and more commercial advertisements.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Keighley’s ability as a host has been improving and the Game Awards have taken much more force, although they still look like a showcase. Be that as it may, such was his influence that given the lack of relevance of E3 as the benchmark fair in the industry, he got down to work managing his own event in summer, little the same week as E3 and with very important announcements.

Thus was born the Summer Game Festa video game festival that swept Twitch and YouTube last year 2020 with its first editionpartly thanks to the first gameplay exclusively from Elden Ring, and that this year he quotes us again in the same month of June. This has been confirmed by Geoff Keighley himself on his official Twitter account. Twitterwhere he anticipates that the Opening Night will begin on June 9 at 8:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time).

It is expected that the broadcast will take place on the official Twitch and YouTube channels of the event. At the moment, the host has not advanced what possible games we could see at the event, although rumors are running like wildfire on social networks, especially considering who their associated companies are. From Microsoft through Sony, AmazonGames either Electronic Arts, this Summer Game Fest 2022 will be full of announcements, gameplays and celebration.

Remember that although E3 has canceled its 2022 edition due to an internal restructuring of the event, the rest of the companies and distributors can hold their broadcasts independently. That same week, on June 12, microsoft He also quotes us for the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase.

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