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Super Mario Bros. Movie: All About The Story, Runtime And More

Super Mario Bros. boasts tons of characters from the games and even more references.

Super Mario Bros. boasts tons of characters from the games and even more references.

The Super Mario Bros. movie is nearing its release. It doesn’t take that long anymore, then it finally starts. Now there is a new leak, which probably reveals the duration of the movie. High time to bundle all the information about the Mario strip here.

Last update on March 29th: Mario spokesman Chris Pratt has in an interview confirms there will be a post credits scene. This could contain possible references to a sequel, Pratt himself suggests in the direction of Luigi’s mansion. We’ll see if that’s really true no later than April 5th, when the film hits the cinemas.


Everything we know so far about the Super Mario Bros. movie

  • When will the film be in cinemas? in a good month After a postponement, the theatrical release is now on the April 5, 2023.
  • How long does it last: The Super Mario Bros. movie is said to be 92 minutes long, according to an as yet unconfirmed leak. So a little over an hour and a half (via: ifco).

That’s what it’s about: Super Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, finds Luigi, meets Toad and Princess Peach, Bowser attacks – the usual. How exactly the story is connected remains unclear even after the trailers so far, but it should be turbulent. Mario Kart and Yoshi fans will also get their money’s worth.

Check out the second trailer here:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - New story and character info in second trailer



The Super Mario Bros. Movie – New story and character info in second trailer

Check out the Super Mario Bros. Game Awards trailer here. We have the first trailer for the Mario movie here for you.

Who directs? Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. The screenplay is by Matthew Fogel (Minions 2, Lego Movie 2). The spectacle is produced by the well-known Illumination Studio.


Who speaks whom? The voices in the Super Mario Bros. film have caused heated debates in advance. Above all, Chris Pratt as Mario and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong were rather mixed.

  • Super Mario (Chris Pratt/Leonhard Mahlich)
  • Luigi (Charlie Day/Gerrit Schmidt-Foss)
  • Bowser (Jack Black/Tobias Meister)
  • Peach (Anya Taylor Joy)
  • Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen)
  • Toad (Keegan-Michael Key/Sascha Rotermund)
  • Kamek (Kevin Michael Richardson/Tilo Schmitz)
  • Cranky Kong (Fred Armisen/Rainer Fritzsche)

In German many roles are still undecided. Or they haven’t been announced yet. There is also still the possibility that different voices will be heard in the finished dubbed film than in the trailer.

Accordingly, some of this information should be treated with caution. But one thing is certain: no, PietSmiet doesn’t speak Super Mario, that was fun.

What else do we know? For example, that esteemed colleague Tobias is very much looking forward to the Super Mario Bros. film. How and why, he explains here:


Brilliant fake trailer starring The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal: Last but not least, there is also a really fantastic SNL sketch. In it we see a dark, gritty and dystopian Mario take on the HBO series The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal (Joel) as Super Mario.

How excited are you for the Super Mario movie?