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Super Mario Bros. Movie will open in China before the United States

The next movie of our mustachioed friend, Super Mario Bros. of Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment it is now scheduled to open in China before it does in the United States. In the lead up to Nintendo’s highly anticipated animated film, it has been slowly revealing new posters and clips associated with the project. And while we’re ready for one more big reveal to The Super Mario Bros. Movie next week via a new Nintendo Direct, we now know that some will be able to see the movie before others.

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As reported by Deadline, The Super Mario Bros. Movie it will now be set to launch in China on April 5. This is two days before the film’s release in the United States, which is scheduled for April 5. The reason why The Super Mario Bros. Movie will arrive in China on this date because it will coincide with the Ching Ming Festival in the country. In addition to getting a release date for the Chinese version of the film, Universal also began releasing some China-specific posters and promotional materials.

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What will be more interesting to see with The Super Mario Bros. Movie in China it is the success that the film ends up having. While Mario has been an iconic gaming character in numerous countries around the world for decades, Nintendo has had a much smaller presence in China over the years. With this in mind, there is a chance that the Chinese public may not be hooked on The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the same way that other viewers around the world probably will.

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As mentioned, Nintendo and Universal are currently in full swing when it comes to promoting The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which means that new information is dropping practically daily. Next week, on March 9, there will also be a new Nintendo Direct dedicated entirely to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Right now, the final trailer for the film will be released ahead of its theatrical release about a month later.