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Super Mario Bros. The Movie is also being a success in Mexico

Super Mario Bros. The Movie is being a phenomenon all over the world. After its more than remarkable premiere in Japan, the animated film by Illumination and Nintendo based on the adventures of the best-known plumber in video games continues to break records and reap surprising numbers in other territories. Focusing on Mexico, from Nintendo Life have reported that the production has already become the “third highest grossing film” in the history of the country and that, in addition, it has managed to surpass toy story 4.


Super Mario Bros. The Movie It is already part of the top 3 of the highest grossing films in Mexico, but its billboard tour still gives for much more. It is close to exceeding the collection of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: No Way Home“, we can read in the report shared by the National Chamber of the Film Industry.

A movie that no Mario fan can miss

Super Mario Bros. The Movie It is a brilliant animated film for the whole family, extremely entertaining, spectacular and with an almost frantic pace, but very well measured. It is a work that reintroduces us to characters we have known for decades, recognizable, but with a personality that makes them inseparable from their actors. It is a tape that has had us smiling in the cinema for 93 minutes. It is also a production that overflows affection for Super Mario and for what it has meant, which will make us remember moments that we have spent with the plumber, alone or accompanied, with friends or family, two weeks ago or 10 years ago. It is a film that reminds us that this immortal character has made us happy all our lives, and that he will do so for a long time to come “, we told you in our review.