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Super Nintendo World Tour VIP

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Universal Studios Japan presented its new exclusive tourist guide focused on the Super Nintendo World.


The “Universal VIP Experience Group Tour [Kids Adventure] ~Super Nintendo World~” has already announced the official start date of its first big VIP Tour, which will begin on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

But, what is it about?

This new service is structured so that “children can play a leading role” while focusing on increasing the satisfaction of the whole family with the guidance of a dedicated guide.


So if you are a father or mother of a family and you were just thinking about an unforgettable trip, this is a very good opportunity to create new incredible family memories.

What’s more, the sale of these tickets specials has just started on January 20, 2023.

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This vip tour has been listed as a tour of high quality, where at all times you will be accompanied by an expert guide who knows all those innermost secrets of the park.

Come spend a special day forgetting the routine, enjoying and creating unique memories with your loved ones. We deliver a great experience.

You will be able to enjoy all the attractions, restaurants and shops efficiently having exclusive access to the “VIP Lounge” that can only be used by the participants of the “Universal VIP Experience”.


Of course, in addition to priority in the different attractions of the park, you can have exclusive photos with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

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More details about Super Nintendo World

The value is ¥15,000 (JPY), that is, about $116 (USD) or about €108 (EUR) approximately at the exchange rate.

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Due to the current situation of COVID-19, both admission dates and the route may vary. Please check the official Universal Studios Japan website for more details.

  • Sales start date: January 20 (Friday) 12:00 (Japan Time)
  • Get the tickets: From the official website of Universal Studios Japan (Available in English).
  • Tour details:

• Tour format: Group tour (Several small groups will come together / Maximum 10 people)
•Travel time: Three hours
•Content of the tour: All the instructions will be given by a specialized guide in a friendly and easy to understand way. The benefits would be the following:

•Within the USJ you will have guaranteed special admission to the “Super Nintendo World”
• Guide with priority in the most important, fun and famous attractions of the park:

  • Mario Kart ~Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Priority dining at Kinopio’s Cafe
  • Use of the VIP lounge
  • You can take a picture with Mario and Luigi and ask them to say hello, or if you prefer you can also choose Princess Peach.
  • In addition, they will open secrets available only to the participants of this Tour. Whoever solves them will receive a special gift.
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What did you think of the news? You can share it in the comments. Don’t forget to also find out about the new Super Nintendo World Hollywood that will open its doors on February 17, 2023.



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