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Superman Legacy: a very popular character confirmed, that promises!

superman legacy: a very popular character confirmed, that promises!

The cast of Superman Legacy is growing, and we just had confirmation of a new character in the film. This one is normally well known to DC Comics fans.

Still haven’t gotten your Superman fix? This is quite normal, since he hasn’t shown up for a long time. In fact, the last time we entirely dedicated a film to him was when Man of Steel was released in 2013. We saw him again after that in Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and even in Black Adam for a few seconds. But that was the good time. James Gunn restarts from the beginning and wants to put the hero back in the spotlight through a new feature film, but without Henry Cavill. Until now, we didn’t have much information about the project, or almost nothing. But that has changed, and we now know one of the characters who will be in it.


A major character alongside Superman

The casting of the film has been kept very secret since the film was announced. Apart from the Kryptonian, we didn’t really know who was going to end up in the story. And we’re lucky, because we were finally given a name. This is the actress María Gabriela de Faría (The Exorcism of God, Deadly Class) and she will embody the engineer. For hardcore fans of the DC Comics universe, she must not be unknown to the battalion. Moreover, this announcement potentially reveals a clue about the plot of Superman Legacy.

For information, the Engineer is a member of Authority, a team of vigilantes who intervene in particular in a context of mass destruction. They are heroes who do not hesitate to defy the laws to intervene, even if it means alienating the government. As you will have understood, we are dealing with rather powerful characters, and the Engineer has the particularity of having a body modified by nanotechnology. She can thus make machines appear or cover her body with liquid metal. Does this mean we’ll see the Authority in this Superman movie? Will it play a key role? To be continued.

Besides, what place will the Engineer occupy within Superman Legacy? For the moment, it’s impossible to know, but fans are still happy to hear this news. We only learned of this addition to the cast, without further details. However, we see that the pace has accelerated. The film is becoming more and more talked about, and we can expect to know more in the coming months. On the other hand, for the trailer, you will have to go back. Filming will begin in March 2024, something which was confirmed following the end of the writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood.

Credits: Deadline

The release date does not change

The state of the Superman Legacy construction site has long frightened spectators. We know today that there is nothing more to fear, and it was even James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy 3) who made sure of that. The director revealed the release date of the feature film, and it is still set for July 11, 2025. We say “always”, because it hasn’t changed since the beginning. It was just not safe from a postponement because of the upheavals experienced by the development of the film. It is therefore a relief for most fans, even if they still have to be patient. 2025 is not tomorrow.

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