SWERY, creator of Deadly Premonition, believes that updates should not be free

Hidetaka Suehiro, better known by the name SWERY and will be the creator of the deadly premonition, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die or the future Hotel Barcelonahas published a controversial question that is giving people talk: Should developers charge for post-release updates? SWERY does not refer to expansions or new content, as is the case with the latest DLC for The Good Life which includes new content and the “true ending”, but for all the improvements and corrections that a game could receive.

Suehiro has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of the industry and talks about the expectations of players with free content after a release. “Please, tell me why we creators who work overtime every day to make video games should update our games for free. You pay $10 for a coffee at Starbucks… Is the world going crazy?

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Mainly negative reactions

The message has had some support and understanding among the community, but most responses are not in favor of SWERY. In fact, many remember that The Good Life arrived plagued with technical problems, something that is usual in their productions, including the saga deadly premonitionconsidered “cult” for its clear inspiration in Twin Peaks but with serious bugs in performance, and therefore needs post-release updates.

“If you talk about adding new stories, one or two areas, then it should be paid DLC. But if you talk about fixing bugs or improving performance, it should be free,” says one comment. “Sorry but… why should I pay more for an upgrade after buying a game? In essence it is saying ‘we’ll make you pay for an unfinished game, and you’ll pay more later’says another.

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“$10 for upgrading from 15 fps to 16, then another 10 bucks to go up to 17 fps and he’s a winner,” jokes another player. “If you make the game right from the beginning, there will be no updates to makeand putting DLC ​​is no excuse when they fit perfectly in the game, it’s just to get money.”

Of course, there are sympathetic opinions with SWERY’s position, for example that “nobody works for free” and that in the end the developers should also charge for that support to the game for months and even years, but In general, most consider that this would be a way to reward broken or very poorly optimized games.a constant in SWERY’s history.

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Behind the secret of Rainy Woodsa content of The Good Life which launches on March 9 for $10, contribute twelve new quests with the population of Rainy Woodsmore secrets and new characters that will bring new adventures to Naomi.