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Switch continues to dominate sales of video games and consoles in Spain during the start of August

switch continues to dominate sales of video games and consoles

The thirty-first week of the year, the week from July 31 to August 6kicks off the eighth month of 2023 with Nintendo Switch dominating game sales in physical format in USA and also on consoles. It is remarkable how Pikmin 4 for the hybrid console it continues with its good premiere, and also the entry into the classification of an unpopular game for a succulent discount.


This week there is only one news, Akai Katana Shina shoot ’em up of type bullet hell who has sold 100 units for Nintendo Switch and 20 on PlayStation 4.

The classification is almost monopolized by software for Nintendo Switch, since only one PS4 title has managed to break this absolute control. Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 with 1100 units It has been the only game in the top 10 physical sales in USA that is not for Nintendo’s hybrid console.


The best-selling game has been Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch with 3500 units. In second position is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Nintendo Switch with 3300 units and closing the podium remains Pikmin 4 for Nintendo Switch with 2250 units.

Nexomon Extinction

Of the rest of the top 10, few things to highlight, although there is a title that has entered the classification by surprise thanks to a super offer Price: Nexomon Extinction for Nintendo Switch has managed to sell 2150 units and it has been placed as the fourth best-selling game in USA in physical format.


Switch surpasses PlayStation 5 by 50 units

From the sale of consoles, we once again have an exciting week, where Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling console in USA, but very close to the second best seller that has been PlayStation 5.

  • Nintendo Switch: 4300 units (2500 of the OLED Model)
  • PS5: 4,250 units (Standard version 3,100 units; Digital Edition 1,150 units)
  • xbox-series: 800 units (Xbox Series S: 350 units / Xbox Series X: 450 units)
  • Playstation 4: 150 units