A Japanese player has published through his channel Youtube called Mutekimaru Channel a series of videos in which we can see how his pet fish play at Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and to other installments of the saga of pocket monsters such as Pokemon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl. As you can see in the attached video, the user installed a series of controls inside a fish tank so that his fish could control the game and placed a camera from above to be able to observe the buttons pressed by the aquatic pet at all times.

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In the video we can see how the animals play the latest installment of Pokemon with surprising ease, although at one point an unforeseen event occurs. The game crashes and the fish access the game’s main menu, where they start fiddling with the settings until they accidentally enter the Nintendo eShop. After pressing a series of buttons, the fish reached the private information section and revealed the player’s credit card informationin addition to buying some funds to purchase products in the digital store.

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The Switch owner realized some time later after receiving emails from Nintendo

The user was not present when all this happened and realized after starting to receive loads of automatic emails from Nintendo as a result of the movements of your account. At the time of writing these lines, we are completely unaware of how the player has proceeded to solve this mess, although it seems that he has taken it with a certain humor as we can see in the video that he has published.

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