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Switch surpasses Wii as the best-selling console in France with more than 7 million units

Switch has beaten a new sales record, this time in France: Nitendo’s hybrid console has surpassed another of the most successful machines of the big N, Nintendo Wii, thanks to the fact that it managed to place almost another million units in the homes of French gamers. has been his own Philippe Lavou, General Manager of Nintendo Francewho has shared this information, noting that 10.5% of the French already own a Switch.

In total, during 2022, 987,000 Nintendo Switch family consoles were sold, including both the standard model and the Lite and OLED versions. That figure brings the total number of consoles sold since the launch of Switch in 2017 to as high as 7.1 million units in France alone. Taking into account that Wii sold 6.3 million consoles in its commercial life, that beloved console has been surpassed by this new system.

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The hybrid has not only garnered good sales figures in hardwarebut It has also led the list of the 10 best-selling video games in France in 2022: nine of the 10 were Switch games, with FIFA 23 PS4 as the only exception. The most popular have been Pokemon Arceus Legends, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Y Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Despite the success, Switch still has to sell a few million more to position itself as the best-selling console in France: that record is currently held by Nintendo DS, with 10.6 million units sold in the neighboring country. on top of hardware The best-selling video game on the French market is not just Nintendo consoles, as PS4 holds a fairly high position thanks to its 6 million consoles sold.

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What is the best-selling console in the world?

Globally, the numbers of nintendoswitch they are also truly impressive: it has been among the best sellers in history with 114.33 million units sold worldwide, also surpassing Wii (101.63 million) and PlayStation (more than 102.4 million). Even so, in the international market it also has strong competition: the best-selling in the world is still PS2, with more than 155 million units placed internationally, followed by Nintendo DS (154.02 million), Game Boy (118.69 million) and PS4 (117.2 million).