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System Shock Remake commits to a new release date

Although it still did not have much strength at the last Gamescom and already had several delays, the remake of System Shock that Nightdive Studios has been preparing for some time seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel, relieving those who thought it would never reach the market.

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In fact, the project now seems a lot closer than expected, as the studio has updated its Kickstarter to confirm a really close new release window. There is no specific day, but committing to the month of March 2023 is to be clear that the game is practically finished in these first days of the year. It is an output framework that had already been known through a change on the Steam page and that is now firmly confirmed.

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That said, Nightdive was already talking about the final phase of development in April of last year, so we will have to wait at least to find out the exact day of March and to verify that the publisher Prime Matter has launched its promotional machinery.

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