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Tom Henry

diablo 4: this big change that you probably missed

Diablo 4: this big change that you probably missed

Blizzard continues to release updates to make Diablo 4 even better and meet players’ expectations. This big, unnoticed change will make people happy. Diablo 4 was clearly one of the most anticipated games of the year. If the press and players were satisfied by hack’n’ slash at its launch, the story has been different since ...

Tom Henry

blind player defeats diablo 4's most powerful boss | top

Blind player defeats Diablo 4’s most powerful boss | Top News

The video game industry has always been lucky to have one of the most passionate communities in the world. Thanks to this, throughout history we have been able to see how dozens of players surprised us with some of the most incredible feats in history. Recently, Tylenphye starred in one of them. As he himself ...