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Tom Henry

disney+: this series from an ultra popular saga is revealed,

Disney+: this series from an ultra popular saga is revealed, it’s epic

Disney+ unveils one of its most ambitious projects ever produced. A series derived from a saga that is very popular with young people, and perhaps older people today. It’s not part of the new Disney+ features for September 2023, but Mickey’s firm has relaunched the marketing machine around a very important program for the platform ...

Tom Henry

star wars obi wan: soon a season 2? disney will disappoint

Star Wars Obi-Wan: soon a season 2? Disney will disappoint you

It is undeniable that, since the end of the films, the Star Wars saga has enjoyed remarkable success through its series. Just look at the indisputable triumph of “The Mandalorian” or “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. However, Disney’s strategy sometimes remains ambiguous. In recent years, it is mainly through the series that Star Wars has shone: The Mandalorian, ...

Tom Henry

meet the actress who wants to be rapunzel in the

Meet the actress who wants to be Rapunzel in the next Disney movie

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, the actress, revealed her desire to play Rapunzel in an upcoming movie and proposed that this Disney princess be of South Asian origin. The actress expressed her enthusiasm for the idea and advocated for the portrayal of a South Asian girl in the role of Rapunzel. According to Maitreyi, it would be a ...

Tom Henry

Marvel Studios series will be canceled due to comments from Disney CEO

Disney CEO Bob Iger is addressing criticism surrounding the studio’s latest series of blockbuster movies and series streaming on Disney+. During the company’s most recent quarterly earnings call, Iger discussed some of the recent Disney/Marvel movies and series that haven’t done well with viewers. Although Iger did not name any particular film, he acknowledged that ...