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Tom Henry

crossover between armored core vi and elden ring is possible

Crossover between Armored Core VI and Elden Ring is possible thanks to a mod

The mecha from Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon appear in Elden Ring thanks to a new mod. (via PCGamer) Although armored mecha aren’t playable in-game yet, it’s pleasantly weird to see one standing out over Starscourge Radahn. The modder in question, Zullie the Witch, has yet to share detailed plans for this inter-franchise gaming ...

Tom Henry

Elden Ring: big turning point for the studio, the end of an era

The Japanese studio FromSoftware is preparing to experience an important turning point for its next Souls-like to come after the legendary Elden Ring released last year. We can clearly say that FromSoftware has revolutionized the history of video games. After all, succeeding in creating a new genre, in this case Souls-like, is a feat that ...