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Tom Henry

tales of arise is getting a massive expansion in november

Tales of Arise is getting a massive expansion in November

It’s been two years since Tales of Arise was released, which was overwhelmingly applauded in the media as one of the best JRPGs in a long time (we really liked it too, check out our review on Gamereactor), and the players seemed to agree. Now it’s time to continue the adventures, as Tales of Arise ...

Tom Henry

excitebike 64 rolls to nintendo switch online + expansion pack

Excitebike 64 rolls to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack with radical trailer

Those who lived through the nineties, remember those characteristic and noisy commercials for toys that filled the television on Saturdays and the December season? Well, Nintendo remembers very well, because promoting the arrival of Excitebike 64 a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, take advantage of the fever of that decade. After pokemon stadium 2this ...

Tom Henry

i think my horse wants to kill me; the new

I think my horse wants to kill me; the new expansion of The Sims 4 goes wrong and our equine friends can watch us while we sleep… or go to the bathroom | Top News

From time to time, The Sims 4 launches a new expansion. It doesn’t matter when you read this, since Electronic Arts, in one way or another, always manages to put out new content. Unfortunately, when you create so much content over so long, things often fail, and that’s exactly what happened with Horse Ranch. Now, ...