wow: the new patch 10.2 will be released in a

WoW: The new patch 10.2 will be released in a few days, right after BlizzCon

Tom Henry

The next World of Warcraft update will be released sooner than expected. The time has already come at the beginning ...

pokemon has released a very special cubone plush

Pokemon has released a very special Cubone plush

Tom Henry

The Pokemon community cannot complain about all the news we have every day, and this one in particular has created ...

ea sports fc 24: special totw 1 is now here,

EA Sports FC 24: Special TOTW 1 is now here, even though it hasn’t been released yet

Tom Henry

EA Sports FC 24 has introduced the first Team of the Week. This is special because the game hasn’t officially ...

now probably final: according to the xbox leak, the elder

Now probably final: According to the Xbox leak, The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released for PS5

Tom Henry

One or two PS5 owners without Xbox and PC are likely to react to this message in one way or ...

dead island 2 will be released for "another platform" next

Dead Island 2 will be released for “another platform” next year

Tom Henry

Much was expected for the launch of Dead Island 2, we were on hold for almost a decade, but the ...

surprise! one of the most popular xbox exclusives of 2022

Surprise! One of the most popular Xbox exclusives of 2022 has been released today for PS5 and PS4

Tom Henry

High On Life is now available on PlayStation consoles. That went surprisingly quickly. Just a short time after rumors surfaced ...

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