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Tom Henry

playstation 5 pro if it would be in development by

Playstation 5 Pro if it would be in development by Sony

According to sources at, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss such details, a PlayStation 5 Pro is in development and its code name is ‘Trinity’. Sony has used The Matrix codenames in the past, such as ‘Neo’ for the PlayStation 4 Pro and ‘Morpheus’ for PlayStation VR. Trinity has been ...

Tom Henry

microsoft and sony sign an agreement to keep cod on

Microsoft and Sony sign an agreement to keep COD on PlayStation

Just five days ago we learned that Microsoft won the FTC lawsuit and that it can already buy – although the United Kingdom continues to oppose it – Activision Blizzard King. Now, the video game industry rises with a statement from Phill Spencer —Microsoft’s ‘gaming’ CEO—, which ends up confirming the purchase of Activision Blizzard ...

Tom Henry

ps5: sony wants to reward you, but you won't like

PS5: Sony wants to reward you, but you won’t like it

Sony continues to look for new axes for the PS5 and its future consoles. One of them is revealed through a patent, and it may confuse many players. Trophy hunting has become quite an art for PlayStation gamers. Self-transcendence, pleasure in exploring new facets of a game, acute collecting… These little rewards have become inseparable ...

Tom Henry

sony reviews the news from playstation indies and playstation talents

Sony reviews the news from PlayStation Indies and PlayStation Talents in July

PlayStation USA has reviewed the news of July in terms of indie games, announcements of dates, the latest releases and those that will arrive in the coming months on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and the PS Plus subscription with the PlayStation Indies and PlayStation Talents programs, which supports the creation of independent developments from USAand ...