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Tom Henry

persona 3 reload: new trailer reveals news and the members

Persona 3 Reload: new trailer reveals news and the members of Strega

Atlus has revealed, just a few hours after its first presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2023, a new preview of Persona 3 Reload. This focuses on introducing us to Strega, one of the antagonist groups of Persona 3 Reload. What’s new Persona 3 Reload? In addition to sharing the new trailer, Atlus has revealed one ...

Tom Henry

nicolas cage walks through dreams in the new dream scenario

Nicolas Cage walks through dreams in the new Dream Scenario trailer

Have you always dreamed of Nicolas Cage himself visiting you in your dreams? Maybe it would turn your dream world into a nightmare, but the fact is that the new trailer for Dream Scenario explores this same concept, with the famous actor playing a university professor who suddenly becomes a world super famous when he ...

Tom Henry

excitebike 64 rolls to nintendo switch online + expansion pack

Excitebike 64 rolls to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack with radical trailer

Those who lived through the nineties, remember those characteristic and noisy commercials for toys that filled the television on Saturdays and the December season? Well, Nintendo remembers very well, because promoting the arrival of Excitebike 64 a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, take advantage of the fever of that decade. After pokemon stadium 2this ...

Tom Henry

fallout tv series teaser trailer leaked

Fallout TV Series Teaser Trailer Leaked

The live-action TV adaptation of Fallout is generating a lot of interest right now, especially after a short teaser trailer leaked from Gamescom and the amazon confirmation that it will be released in 2024. Amazon first announced that it was adapting Fallout for its Prime Video streaming service in the summer of 2020, and since ...