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Taiwan in alarm of “water shortage” and will reduce its consumption in the FAB

They say that climate change is a man-made thing, others say that they are natural cycles of the planet, but in any case, the rains are still very scarce in a large part of the world, while in other places they have them almost as a punishment. In the case of Taiwan, they have been experiencing serious problems in this regard for two years and much of the blame lies with the high consumption of its industrial complexes, which demand more and more water. The country sounds the alarm “water scarcity crisis” and is going to impose restrictions on all its factories, including TSMC. It will be a problem for the production of chips the lack of water in TSMC?

Taiwan, being an island and with the current weather, it is not that it has a problem of rain per se, it is that it has an incredible voracity of water due to its FAB. If we add to this that it rains less than usual, the result is that at the slightest change the alarm is launched and this includes important restrictions of the liquid element.

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Taiwan and TSMC again with water problems for its inhabitants and companies


What is happening is not new and for this reason the government already has serious measures prepared. Companies have had the last two years of “training” with this problem, so they have containment plans as we have been seeing. First of all, a giant like TSMC came to pay to bring water from other countriesusing tanker trucks to be able to transport it from the ships to its FABs and industrial complexes.

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The company together with the government and other companies have searched for water digging wells in strategic places on the island and finally seeing that this was not enough, they decided to build wastewater treatment centersbut it was not enough given the push of its clients and the expansion needs of the company to be able to satisfy the world demand.

Taiwan will reduce its water consumption by 10%


It is the government’s order and it affects civilians and companies, especially the latter in relation to the Tainan Industrial Park, as well as the Academy of Sciences, but it also extends to the rest. Therefore, TSMC as the world’s leading manufacturer has to make adjustments in chip production, as its FAB 14 and 18 12-inch wafers, FAB 6 8-inch and other smaller ones are affected.

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It is estimated that the company needs nothing less than 5,000 tons of water per daybut it is that the forecasts for this month will be higher since apparently they have received an important order, and they will have to increase the volume until 10,000 tons per day until the end of the month.

To give us an idea of ​​the immensity of consumption compared to other companies, the entire Tainan Park consumes 18,000 tons of water per day. TSMC is rumored to be able to address this 10% water supply shortage with various mobile recycling systems, for how long is not known. So, in principle, the supply should be guaranteed, at least until the rains come again and the reservoirs start to fill up once more.


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