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Taiwan, the US and the EU knock out the UK, without CHIPS law in the UK?

The EU and the United States have put “the batteries” with two very similar and unprecedented laws. The race for the chips has been qualified at a level like the one seen at the time for the race and the arrival to the moon. Billions towards an industry that is destined, if it is not already, to dominate the world, politics and money in general. But there is an actor who is rarely talked about, UK. The UK is in a very complex limbo about what to do about this industry. Is British semiconductors really KO? Will there be a CHIPS law in the UK?

There is talk that the UK is simply lagging behind, but the current political overtones, the problems within Whitehall are not making it easy. It may be late, there may be time to react, it may not even be intended to do anything… Why hasn’t the UK reacted?

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Taiwan, the US and the EU KO the British, will there be a CHIPS Law in the UK?


The three great superpowers, apart from China, which has completely dropped out of the race under American pressure, are leaving the British Congress speechless. A plan was being prepared in Westminster with a view to launching a CHIPS Law to a greater or lesser extent similar or close to ours or to that of the Americans, but… There are only obstacles.

This is not the time to trip, the UK has to react, but it doesn’t. The original plan was diversify supply chains into various sectionshow to prepare the essential subjects and guarantee them, increase manufacturing on English soil or reinforce chip designin which they are more or less in the lead with ARM.


The problem is that the semiconductor sector in the United Kingdom has been very affected for years, and therefore, not only must it be modernized, but the distance must be shortened at a time when the whole world is already launched and reaching speed. cruising.

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The UK’s decline in semiconductors


UK’s problem is not manufacturing, They have 25 FABs all over the country., a number that given the dimensions in useful land area is greater than between the US and Europe combined. The problem is that most equipment is old and can only get wafers with chips at 180 nanometers. Therefore, the future Law must contemplate the remodeling of the same to levels above the Russian ones, which are already low, and manage to match Europe at least.


We have decided to bring in the manufacturers instead of investing in companies that compete with them, but the UK is in the middle ground, in nobody’s water as they say. On top of this, not only does the FAB have to be boosted with new personnel, scanners, new designs and infrastructure, but there is one crucial detail that has even Germany on its head: the supply chain at all its scales.

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The UK does not have a strong supply chain, it is rather non-existent and they practically have to import almost everything. Therefore, the UK CHIPS Act has to take all this into account and therefore should go beyond the 53 billion of the USA or the 43 billion of the EU, without counting the more than 50 billion from Taiwan.


At the moment, the three players that will move this industry, each in their own way, are knocking out the United Kingdom and have already removed China from the game. Is the UK having a toast in the sun?

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