Take Two knocks down a GTA V mod that used AI without warning

take two knocks down a gta v mod that used

Tom Henry

Take Two knocks down a GTA V mod that used AI without warning

The company seems to have the ability to delete even Youtube videos without warning.

Take Two knocks down a GTA V mod that used AI without warning
Trevor in GTA V

It is not that they have received an official response from their respective managers, but while games like Skyrim or Cyberpunk 2077 already have mds that include AI generated contentor will receive them soon, other proposals such as GTA V seem that, for the moment, they will not allow these types of modifications.

In the last few hours Rockstar, a subsidiary of the Take Two groupwould have removed from the GTA V mods platform a mod pack that featured content generated by artificial intelligence.

Companies put limits on AI in video games

As we can read through Comicbook, it is a mod known as Sentient Streets, from a modder named Bloc. The original idea was to offer a kind of story mode for the game, where the AI ​​will create original dialogues in real time for any NPC, while another text to speech AI tool Create your own dubbing.

This seems not to be liked too much in Take Two, since Both the mod and a Youtube video were removed of the same. According to the modder, this is an unfair decision by the company, and he feels helpless not being able to do anything about it.

“Whether you like it or not, or don’t like the idea of ​​having AI in video games, is one thing,” Bloc said in a statement. “However, while the mod itself doesn’t appear to be violating anything, remove the video and issue a copyright warning without any communication is another matter.”

“If you have a channel that contains images from GTA, RDR2, Manhunt, etc.., you’re in the hands of Take-Two’s sharks, and basically they can delete all they wanteven the entire channel, regardless of how funny or ‘unique’ your videos are,” says the modder. “Basically, Take Two decides which video is ‘ok’ and which is notYouTube doesn’t care.”

We will see if Take Two maintains this policy for the launch of GTA VI, scheduled for the next few years, when it is expected that the AI generated content is even more the order of the day than it is today.

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