Take-Two sued over NBA 2K loot boxes and “gambling practices”

Tom Henry

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Although we have already become accustomed to its presence in many games, the loot boxes they continue to generate some debates on the net. And this goes beyond a simple exchange of tweets, since we have also seen studies that have linked this practice with the appearance of problems as serious as gambling. Now, taking into account the close connection between video games and children who are just looking to have fun with different digital proposals, it seems that the spotlight has been set on take-two and the NBA 2K loot boxes.

Lawsuit alludes to Take-Two’s ‘unfair, deceptive and illegal practices’As advanced by Bloomberg (via Eurogamer), the owners of 2K have been sued as a result of all the danger that loot boxes carry towards underage players. According to the media, the plaintiffs allude to “practices unfair, deceptive and illegal acts of the defendantincluding illegal gambling practices, which deceive and harm consumers.”

The lawsuit goes on to point out the dangers of loot boxes for underage players, who may not understand the seriousness of use your parents credit card to buy virtual items in a game. In this sense, the plaintiffs ask for a minimum of 5 million dollars for the damages suffered and criticize this practice for “psychological distance” to the players of the financial consequences.

This is not the first time that loot boxes have been charged, as there are already several government entities that do not lose sight of the characteristics of this concept in video games. In Australia, for example, they proposed including them only in games for people over 18 years of age, while in USA the possibility of imposing a fee on video game companies that include them in their projects is being studied.

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