Take-Two tombs the GTA V mod whose story worked through an AI | Top News

take two tombs the gta v mod whose story worked through

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Take-Two tombs the GTA V mod whose story worked through an AI | Top News

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It’s over what was given: Take-Two has knocked down the GTA V mod in which we were presented with an unprecedented story along with several characters designed through AI. Its name was Inworld Sentient Streets and has disappeared from Nexusmods after the publisher filed a violation claim of your rights.

The creators of the mod have explained in their personal blog what has happened: “As far as the mod is concerned at the moment, the version of NexusMods has been removed by a DMCA claim from Take-Two Interactive. This will most likely happen with gta5mods as well, but I removed it myself to avoid legal issues.”

Take-Two files a DMCA complaint against the mode with AI from GTA V

Thus, he mode will be unavailable forever. It has not been the only thing. Videos that she had hosted on both YouTube and Netlify have also received copyright claims and have been taken down as well. It is inferred, then, that it has not been any type of error, but a full-fledged claim. At least that’s how DSO Gaming has reported it.

The situation generates, once again, a new debate. On the one hand, many responses have been seen in which users explain that they do not understand why have they done this if the mode I had no economic pretensions. Reminds, in a way, of the bad relationship between PC and GTA V, among other Rockstar games.

On the other hand, many other users understand that they have the right to claim their rights and ask that content they don’t like be removed. In this case, the presence of an AI has dynamited all kinds of opinions, being the axis of the controversy.

Cover image taken from the old mod page

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