Tamagotchi Uni is the new version of the virtual pet that can connect to the internet

tamagotchi uni is the new version of the virtual pet

Tom Henry

Tamagotchi Uni is the new version of the virtual pet that can connect to the internet

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On this page we have talked about different Tamagotchi many times. These are virtual pets that you need to take care of. Recently, the next generation of them has been presented: tamagotchi uni. A new kind of tamagotchi that you can attach to your wrist and even connect to the internet to interact with other players from around the world. If you are interested in learning more about them, get ready. because we bring you all available information.

All about the new Tamagotchi Uni

He tamagotchi uni has been presented as a product that will be available in all major markets in Europe, USA included, starting next month. In this way, he has done it with the following presentation video where he shows his concept:

The tamagotchi uni count on Internet connection via Wi-Fi, a color screen, a rechargeable battery, a motion sensor and interchangeable straps. Each tamagotchi It can be customized both in its appearance and in the elements that will make up your room. Also, they may have a unique personality and hobbies.

When we play with our friends, we cans make crafts, create fun cooking recipes and connect with new virtual characters to meet. By connecting to the internet, we can access different places such as the Tama Sand waves tama parties. We can also focus on the Tama Fashion to create our own style or perform tama travel all over the world.

Tamagotchi Uni Data

  • Launch models: pink and purple
  • Release date: July 15
  • Price: €74.99

What do you think? Does it catch your attention? tamagotchi uni? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments!

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