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Tarisland: Chinese alternative to WoW shows beautiful areas and exciting fights in the new trailer

tarisland: chinese alternative to wow shows beautiful areas and exciting

The . Tarisland announces the second round of the closed beta in its latest trailer. The game is graphically reminiscent of WoW and would like to become a free2play alternative.

In the trailer, the game is shown in graphically beautifully designed scenes. Lovingly designed areas are shown, such as a small town hidden in the crown of a huge tree, a flying city above the clouds or a wide plain full of mountains.


You will be shown battles against giant creatures growing out of the earth, wolf-like monsters, a giant with a large octopus on its head, and dragons. The fights look exciting, especially in the trailer, and arouse curiosity.

In addition to the fights, you get to see a short lore ride through a mine and a flight through glowing rings on a winged creature from the gameplay.

The second round of the closed beta starts in November 2023.


If you want to learn more about Trisland, take a look here:

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