Tchia will be one of the few titles to launch on PS Plus

In Sony’s State of Play last night it was announced that Tchia will arrive in March 2023 and that it will be available from day one through the PlayStation Plus games catalogue.

Tchia is an open-world sandbox adventure in which you play the role of a young woman looking for her father after being kidnapped, inspired by the culture and landscapes of new caledoniawhere their creators come from Awaceb. In addition to knowing that Tchia is coming to PS Plus, we have also learned about the release date of the game, which is scheduled for the March 21, 2023.

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The title will be available in the catalog for subscribers of the levels of PS Plus Extra and Premium. Perhaps this marks a new trend, as just a few days ago we learned that Horizon Forbidden West has also been added to the game catalogue, demonstrating Sony’s commitment to adding more games to its subscription service.

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