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Team Heretics is the king’s nightmare

As is logical, throughout the last few weeks Team Heretics has been in the news for its arrival at the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The same year that he has reached the Super League, he has announced his landing in the highest European competition, where many clubs fight to be. However, standing in the representation of the elite in the Old Continent lost literature without a title in the arms. After all, money can equal the purity of a smile or a few tears squandered after achieving what you long for. The heretics have filled their history with emotion, beating Giants Gaming 3-1 in the grand final held at the IFEMA Madrid Fairgrounds.

Team Heretics has built its first chapter of glory within League of Legends in the cruelest way, that is, by killing the king. Because Giants continues to be the most successful organization when it comes to the Super League. The final that the giants lost in the summer of 2018 against MAD Lions was the exception that confirmed the idiosyncrasies of the club: that if they play a final it is to win it. The tension was greater within a rivalry that transcends the sports field and the Riot Games MOBA. To talk about the giants and the heretics is to put two of the powers of USAelectronic sports on the table. And with all the positive news that surrounds him, in the most important section Heretics has put on the best of his suits to massacre the people of Malaga with twice two weeks.

Team Heretics combines skill with suffering

«Today we are going to change many things» Antonio Espinosa advanced «Th3Antonio«, top of Giants, hours before the final. Technically it was like that, although the novelties also meant that the people of Malaga were constantly attacked by the top lane. Marcin Lebuda “iBo” managed to turn the Gangplank vs. Gnar matchup in his pirate’s favor, and Team Heretics didn’t hesitate to use that opportunity to snowball. Heretics prevailed all over the map and left the giants without space, who tried to make hunts through Daniele di Mauro «Jiizuke«. with the main carries ahead, the heretics were quick to put the 1-0 on the scoreboard with a game that did not reach half an hour.

All the prowess of the first map turned into pain for Team Heretics in the second. Giants took the lead in kills but this time they were dominant early on. Th3Antonio returned the bad shot of the first map in a good performance with Poppy to hold on to his fifth national title. Subicz Dániel “Bluezor” was the pillar that kept Heretics and a risky decision by the giants enabled the comeback. At the stroke of half an hour the giants tried to become Baron Nashor, but the Hungarian made a precise initiation with Wukong that prevented the goal from falling into the hands of the Malaga team.

As if that were not enough, the epic of the second game was not only limited to the key move in the Baron Nashor area. Heretics insisted on putting pressure on the Giants base, but the Malaga team resisted. As the minutes ticked by, Jiizuke shone brighter with Orianna’s momentous Shockwaves, preventing the Heretics from 2-0. However, all that was not enough. What initially seemed like a disadvantage for the heretics ended in a back door that the giants could not defend.

Giants hold on to the classics

The king was at a critical moment, but between a rock and a hard place he pulled the resources that had served him so well throughout history. Giants got Tristana for Tim Willers «Keduii» and raised the third game around him. With the Vi-Taliyah duo as a real nuisance, the club with the most Super Leagues devoted all possible resources to their shooter. If the nicknames did not appear on Summoner’s Rift, anyone could believe that the one who was at IFEMA was Amadeu Carvalho “Attila”, the historic ADC of the Malaga team that now comes to X7 Esports. Team Heretics was overwhelmed by their rivals, who generated the biggest gold lead of the entire series.

Heading into the fourth and final map, the classic shifted from using Tristana to using Cho’Gath for Th3Antonio. Giants prevailed early on, but Team Heretics came out on top again with a skirmish over Summoner’s Rift Herald. The pressure from Jiizuke’s Neeko during the early levels did not translate into positive results for the giants. It was the opposite: they gave Jakob Gullvag’s Aphelios «Jackspektra» as long as it takes to collect gold through the tower plates. Later the shooter showed why he was close to reaching the LEC the last transfer market and bluezor reaffirmed himself with his best performance.

The “yes we can” of Giants fans was silenced by the trumpets of Team Heretics supporters. The giants barricaded themselves in their structures to buy as much time as possible for Zeri and hunted down their rivals, but Jackspektra was a hero with three key kills that enabled Baron Nashor. Already with the neutral objective, the people of Malaga found themselves locked in their base. It didn’t matter if Jiizuke tried bold flanks on Neeko – Heretics had the title in his hand and he jumped at the chance to make history.

Team Heretics has become the nightmare of the king of national League of Legends. Leaving aside the tour in other titles like callofduty, now the Giants have at least seven tough months ahead of them. During all that time he will have to get up without the throne of the current champion at the same time that he will see how that long-awaited arrival in the LEC will be enjoyed by the heretics and not Malaga. Now the challenge for Heretics is to transfer the logic of reaching the highest European competition with another title beyond the Super League: that of champion of the European Masters (US Masters). Interestingly, the tournament will experience an edition where other clubs like Karmine Corp will be in the same position as the team from Malaga.

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