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Team Ninja will launch a new yet unannounced game in 2025

This Friday, March 3, it goes on sale Wo Long: Fallen Dynastya new soulslike developed by the Team Ninjacreators of Nioh and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Originand long before reboot of Ninja Gaiden and its sequels as well as the fighting saga dead or alive. After this launch, by 2024 they are preparing Rise of the Roninan ambitious open world game for PS5 that has been in development for 7 years.

In an interview for the Japanese magazine Famitsustudio president Fumihiko Yasuda elaborated on the development of Rise of the RoninI talked about the three DLCs of Wo Long: Fallen Dynastyand confirm that they prepare a new game for 2025, of which they still cannot say anything. “The growth of the development team will be slow if we keep repeating the process of releasing a game for several years. We have a plan to release a game every year“.

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they will return Ninja Gaiden either dead or aliveor be something completely new?

Due to some statements that were misinterpreted in November 2022, in which it seemed that Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed the return of dead or alive and Ninja GaidenTeam Ninja had to come out and say that ‘there are no details or information to share about any of these sagas at this time’.

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Something that Fumihiko Yasuda has said again with other words, saying that “information about the reboot dead or alive and Ninja Gaiden is wrong“, but he has not said that they are not preparing new installments, since either of these two sagas could be that new game that they are preparing for 2025. Obviously it could also be a completely new saga, or even a nioh 3.

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The last installment of Ninja Gaiden launched in 2012, with an improved version the following year, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, so a whole decade has passed. In 2021 the compilation was released Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. In the case of dead or alive the last delivery was Dead or Alive 6in 2019.

Do you want these sagas to come back?