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Teamgroup Launches T-FORCE DARK AirFlow PCIe Gen 5 SSD Cooler and RT-X120 ARGB Fans

Team Group lanza el cooler para SSD PCIe Gen 5 T-FORCE DARK AirFlow y los abanicos RT-X120 ARGB

T-FORCE, the gaming subsidiary of Teamgroup, has introduced its latest series of coolers, including the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler.

This development addresses the changing landscape of consumer storage solutions, particularly the transition from PCIe Gen 4 SSDs to the faster PCIe Gen 5 SSDs.


Teamgroup provides a comprehensive cooling remedy to counter the high temperatures generated during high-speed data transfers on PCIe Gen 5 SSDs. The cooler ensures optimal operating temperatures for the SSDs, facilitating consistent high-speed performance for extended periods. This translates to a smooth read and write experience for users of the latest Gen 5 SSDs.

The T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD cooler was awarded a Taiwan utility model patent this year. It has a patented double-layer structure that uses graphene for efficient cooling. The incorporation of two 5mm pure copper heat pipes and multi-layer aluminum alloy cooling fins significantly amplifies the cooling surface area and speeds up heat dissipation. In addition, the cooler features a high-pressure PWM smart fan capable of dynamically adjusting fan speeds based on temperature, thus effectively removing heat buildup within the aluminum fins.

Team Group Launches T-FORCE DARK AirFlow PCIe Gen 5 SSD Cooler and RT-X120 ARGB 4 Fans Team Group Launches T-FORCE DARK AirFlow PCIe Gen 5 SSD Cooler and RT-X120 ARGB 45 Fans

The cooling architecture leverages proprietary ultra-fine graphene and exceptional thermally conductive materials to enhance the cooling surface, accompanied by a high-air pressure intelligent PWM fan and other advanced cooling techniques. This ensures the stable operation and blazing fast data transfers of M.2 2280 Gen 5 SSDs, ultimately establishing itself as the quintessential M.2 2280 Gen 5 SSD active cooler.


In keeping with the progress of PCIe Gen 5 SSD capabilities, Team Group has introduced the latest T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD cooler, designed for gamers looking to take advantage of the fast read and write speeds offered by Gen 5 SSDs. The T-FORCE RT-X120 ARGB fan further allows gamers to configure custom setups. These products will hit the North American Amazon marketplace in October. To stay up-to-date on availability and details of the latest T-FORCE cooling innovations, keep an eye on Teamgroup’s official website and social media channels.