Tears of the Kingdom are amazing when fully lit

Tom Henry

tears of the kingdom are amazing when fully lit

Caves are a great area to get materials and secrets.

The caves in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are amazing when fully lit
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom continues to offer impressive moments.

The world that can be enjoyed in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is truly overwhelming. There are countless areas and secrets to discover and one of its players wanted to show how good some areas look when they are fully illuminated. Nintendo’s latest installment has managed to make everyone fall in love with its great playability, story and of course, freedom when creating any object you need. From vehicles to allies or weapons that help you with enemies.

Now we can see one of the darkest areas of Tears of the Kingdom completely illuminated, and yes, the change is more than noticeable. Below you can see a video where One of the caves that we can find is full of light thanks to the luminous seeds. From there, the rest is simply beautiful. If you want to see the final result of this lighting work, don’t miss the video that we will leave you a little further down.

This is what the illuminated caves look like in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This was the work of a Reddit user, more specifically it was created by Caeluris and just below these lines you can see the final result. Normally players explore the caves to fight the Bubbulfrogs and thus get gems and materials or secrets that may be in the caves, that is why lighting is important. Caeluris has taken it to another level and there is not even a hint of darkness in the cave where he entered.

I love lighting up caves
byu/Caeluris interearsofthekingdom

As you have been able to see, the light has reached this cave, resulting in a truly impressive atmosphere. As we told you a little ago, there is no trace of darkness, everything is very well illuminated even if you don’t think that these luminous seeds can be placed infinitely. When you reach the limit and continue adding, the oldest ones disappear, so if at any time you want to try something like this, keep this in mind.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom never ceases to surprise people thanks to all the possibilities it offers. As you have seen not only in terms of construction, but also in the way of playing, for example, you can get the Master Sword quite early. On this occasion, Giving light to the caves means being able to find all the secrets they hide in an easier way, although perhaps Caeluris has gone up a bit. But it cannot be denied that the result is unique.

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