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Tekken 8: Jun Kazama purifies his rivals with his fighting style

Yesterday Bandai Namco announced the first dates of the Tekken World Tour 2023, the competitive circuit of the Japanese developer’s flagship fighting game. Now, just three days before the start of EVO Japan 2023, Bandai Namco has revealed a new trailer for tekken 8. The turn to join the eighth game of the iron fist is for Jun Kazama, a character who returns to a main installment of the franchise after 27 years – from its launch in the West.

The trailer for tekken 8, which reveals how Jun Kazama fights also shows us some of her dynamic with Kazuya Mishima.

In Jun Kazama’s presentation trailer in tekken 8 A unique effect is revealed, showing the power of nature, that her attacks have. This, when connecting to the opponent, shows crows in the animation and these movements with which Jun Kazama fights, serve him to send his rival into the air —leaving him in a ‘juggle’ state— or finishing him off on the stage wall to have a chance to extend your combos.

Jun’s Rage Art is very interesting, not because of its fighting properties, but because of what it can imply for the story of tekken 8. Since, it seems that he purifies his opponent. Will she apply this against Jun or Jin?

Who is Jun Kazama?

Jun Kazama despite appearing in tekken 2 remains a mystery.

Jun Kazama is a practitioner of Kazama Ryu, a martial art that combines Japanese kempo with aikido. Jun’s first appearance was in the video game tekken 2which was released for the arcade in Japan in 1995 and later in the West for the PlayStation in 1996. Jun is the mother of Jin Kazama and according to the story of tekken 3, after she goes into the forest at the end of the second installment, she is defeated by Ogre. Since then her canonical appearances have only been within the story of her son. Additionally, Jun Kazama is a playable character in the game. Tekken Tag Tournament. However, the story of this ‘spin off’ series does not connect with the main installments of tekken.

What are the characters of tekken 8 What has Bandai Namco presented?

Three months ago, along with the first trailer for tekken 8we know what they look like Paul, King, Law, Lars, Jack-8 and Jun Kazama. However, after this advance presented in The Game Awards 2022Bandai Namco has begun to share individual ‘trailers’ that reveal more about how each of the characters that we will see in the fight fight. Tekken 8.

Characters of Tekken 8:

Where and when will the first date of the Tekken World Tour (TWT) be? 2023?

who is junkazama
Will they reveal the release date or when it comes out tekken 8 at EVO Japan 2023?

from the end of EVO 2022 we know that EVO Japan 2023 It will be from March 31 to April 2. This event will be the first competitive stop of the Tekken World Tour (TWT) 2023. Hopefully during EVO Japan 2023 we can find out when it comes out or what is the release date of Tekken 8.

who is junkazama

These are the schedules for the three (3) days of EVO Japan 2023. For more information, we invite you to read our following note, in which we detail the EVO Japan 2023 tournaments in the following link.

Source: Bandai Namco official channel on YouTube


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