Tekken 8 on PC leaves something to be desired, but modders have already gotten to work to fix it | Top News

tekken 8 on pc leaves something to be desired, but

Tom Henry

Tekken 8 on PC leaves something to be desired, but modders have already gotten to work to fix it | Top News

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One thing that has become clear to me since I saw tekken 8 for the first time is that we are facing a true generational leap. Increasingly expressive characters, more powerful attacks than ever, and mind-blowing settings show that Bandai Namco is going for it. Unfortunately, if something has allowed us to see the first closed beta of the game, it is that needs some more work. Now, thanks to the work of the modders, we can finally see the true potential of this new fighting title.

During the closed beta that took place last month, we got to see the game, which promises to be one of the most impressive fighting titles of this generation — you can read my impressions of Tekken 8 at Esports Extras. Even so, the PC version left a bittersweet taste, as some effects had the potential to ruin the very careful graphic quality that the Japanese studio had created. Now, with a couple of fixes, we can see what is behind these errors, and the truth is that it’s not turkey mucus.

This is how Tekken 8 looks on PC after some fixes

By removing some post-processing effects and modifying others, the modders have decided that they are going to fix Tekken 8 so that it can show off its technical side in style on computers. On NexusMods, the first version of this fix—which should work in future betas and in the final version of the game—it already teaches us how brutal this facelift is.

Below you can see some examples, with photos odd being the game unmodified, while the peers are the version modded:

Tekken 8 5 Image

Tekken 8 4 Image

Tekken 8 3 Image

Tekken 8 2 Image

Tekken 8 Image 1

As you can see, although well-intentioned, the effects that Tekken 8 has create problems with blur and loss of detail. We do not know if this is due to a bug, as it is clear that the CNT was a betabut, if not, at least we have a small patch to use once the game is released.

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