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Tekken 8 reveals gameplay focused on Kazuya’s moves

A new gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 has been released, showing Kazuya Mishima in action.

The trailer shows the veteran of the series facing his sun, Jin Kazama, in a setting similar to New York’s Times Square. The video also shows Kazuya transforming into his *text muted* form and using his Killer Beam move on Jin.

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While it’s not yet known how Kazuya will transform into *text muted*, it’s likely related to the game’s Heat Mode feature, where players can activate a special state for their character for a brief period, gaining new abilities.

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The new trailer can be seen below:


Kazuya is one of the most popular characters in the Tekken series and has appeared in every game except Tekken 3 (which marked the debut of his son Jin, who has since become the main protagonist of the series).

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He initially appeared to be the hero of the first game, but it was soon revealed that Kazuya was actually one of the series’ main villains, with plans for world domination.

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