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Tekken 8 Unveils Lars Alexandersson’s Gameplay In Brutal New Trailer

we don’t know if tekken 8 It will arrive this year on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, but while its release date is confirmed, Bandai Namco is gradually publishing new information and details of the next installment of its fighting saga. We have recently been able to see new gameplays of classic characters from tekkenlike King, Paul or Nina, and today it was the turn of lars alexanderssonintroduced in the sixth main installment of the franchise.

Below you can see the first trailer gameplay Lars’s in tekken 8:


An ambitious Tekken with a renewed desEsports Extrasinside and out

The new numbered delivery of tekken bring important news to the saga, both visually and in terms of the desEsports Extrasof its combat system. In both respects keep the key features of the franchise, but with tweaks here and there that will serve to refresh the proposal: the fighters, as you can see in the new trailer, have been completely redesigned to adapt them to this new episode of the war between the Mishima. Also scenarios have their own revisions in tekken 8of course, but perhaps the most important thing is in additions like the system Heat, which we talked about in depth in our progress.

Tekken 8 will arrive soon on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC, being the first to debut earlier on home consoles than in arcades.


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