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TenZ will be a free agent at the end of the year

2022 has not been a year to remember Tyson Ngo «TenZ» and Sentinels. The star of the North American club would have his future in his hands since, according to the Dot Esports journalist George Geddes, at the end of the year he would become a free agent after the end of his contract. In any case, the Sentinels would be interested in renewing the player. The proposal depends on whether Riot Games accepts the organization within the new franchise system of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

Since he jumped from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) to VALORANT, TenZ is one of the most popular players in the shooter from RiotGames. The Canadian made the leap hand in hand with Cloud9 Blue. Nevertheless, His transfer to the Sentinels after the loss of Jay Won “sinatraa” gave way to the best state of the North American club’s form. With the Canadian, the North American team dominated the VCT during the first part of 2021, proclaiming themselves champions of the first international and face-to-face tournament in the history of electronic sports: the Masters from Reykjavik.

As the year progressed Sentinels lost their power, eventually being eliminated in the group stage of the first VALORANT Champions. In 2022 the situation did not improve, in fact, it got worse. Sentinels won none Challengers throughout the year and missed the World Cup by falling in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). TenZ has in his hands to decide his future since in the next month of December his contract with the North American organization ends. The player would have freedom to negotiate with any club without the interested organization having to pay a clause or hold talks with the sentinels.

In any case, the continuity of TenZ in Sentinels is far from ruled out. The sentinels would be interested in renewing the player but are waiting to hear Riot Games’ decision on the clubs accepted into the new VCT franchise system. The North American organization would start negotiations with the Canadian in the case of receiving the developer’s approval. Partner clubs should provide Riot with their roster to allow enough time to mobilize all pros to their respective international league venues.

One factor that works in favor of Sentinels being accepted into the franchise system is their sheer popularity within VALORANT. The North American organization is the fourth most watched club during 2022, only behind ZETA DIVISION, OpTic Gaming and LOUD. Also, with the debut of Michael Grzesiek «shroud» the entity starred in the highest audience peak in a region with more than 600,000 viewers. Individually TenZ is also a great audience claim. According to data from Twitch Tracker, the Canadian has an average of 24,000 viewers and more than three million followers on his Twitch channel.

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