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Teraincursions of Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: How to beat it?

starting today and limited time only Pokemon Scarlet and Purple A new event has started for the 7 Star Teraincursions of the game, in which the powerful Pikachu the Unbeatable, of Teratype Water. This Pokemon will only be available during this weekend. In case you are interested in knowing All the details of the Pikachu event, his dateshow participate in their Teraincursions or what are they his best counters to beat him easily, so in this news we show you!

Pikachu Teraid Event Dates

The new Pikachu the Unbeatable Terraid event in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has a duration of only a few daysspecifically these are the dates in which to be active:


  • The event becomes available: on Friday, February 24, 2023 (at 00:00 UTC).
  • The event ends on: Monday, February 27, 2023 (at 14:59 UTC).

Requirements to participate in Pikachu Teraincursions

Pikachu’s Teraids event is very special since the Pokemon is only available in Tera raids of 7 stars of difficulty, the highest. In order to participate in these it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements in your game:

  • You have to complete the main story of the game and have seen the end credits.
  • You also have to have Won at least for the first time the Gran Pugna Acadmica Tournament which is unlocked in the post-game.
  • Finally, you have to have completed a total of 10 Previously 4 or 5 star raids.
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If you already meet these requirements, then you can fight Pikachu the Unbeatable in the special teracrystals of black color that appear in Paldea. Remember that you can participate in these Teraincursions through a multiplayer connection with up to 3 other players (something that is recommended, although for this you need a subscription to the service of Nintendo Switch Online).

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Best counters to beat Pikachu

Pikachu is a Pokemon from electric type of the first generation that in this case is accompanied by the Teratype Water. pikachu can use Surf and Rain Dance as soon as the fight begins and has a lightning rod skill that protects it from Electric-type attacks. In addition, it also knows the Thunder movement and will never fail thanks to the rain.


Taking into account what has been said, we recommend the next best counters and moves To defeat Pikachu in Teraincursions:

  • Tree: Esports Extras Drain, Energy Ball, Sunny Day, and Field Pulse.
  • Clodsire: Acid Bomb, Terablast, Living Earth, and Amnesia.
  • Lurantis: It Rains Leaves, Sunny Day, Field of Grass, and Synthesis.
  • Lilligant: Esports Extras Drain, Flutter Dance, Sunny Day, and Energy Ball.
  • Mushroom Fury: Development, Seed Bomb, Spore, and Sunny Day.
  • Abomasnow: Sword Dance, Seed Bomb, Mud Slap, and Sledgehammer.
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It should be noted that the Pikachu of the Teraincursiones of 7 stars of this event of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple can only be caught once per game. This Pokemon always has the same moves and ability, along with the Unbeatable Emblem. pikachu is extremely powerful and is at level 100so it will not be easy for you to kill him if you do not have the right level.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple the November 18, 2022 in USA and the rest of the world for Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more details about the ninth generation, we invite you to read our analysis. And if you are playing and want get the most out of your adventurestop by our complete guide with the best tricks and secrets.