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‘That looks amazing!’ – Project Mugen mixes GTA with anime and it’s not just me that excites me

'that looks amazing!' project mugen mixes gta with anime

When a few days ago Project Mugen, an urban open world game from the developer Naked Rain (Thunder Fire’s studio), was anteasted, my enthusiasm was still limited. The reason for this is the Chinese company NetEase, which stands above the project and focuses on Free2Play games. But now that I’ve seen the first trailer, things look different.

First Project Mugen trailer promises an exciting mix

My sudden change of heart is due to the first trailer, which initially (!) lets me overlook the fact that this is a Free2Play game for a number of reasons.


Here you see the trailer:

Project Mugen - First trailer for free GTA with anime look

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Project Mugen – First Trailer For Free ‘GTA With Anime Look’

Harmonious anime look: What first caught my eye benevolently is the saturated and clear anime look. Despite the many impressions, such as the great reflections on the wet streets, I don’t have the feeling of being exposed to sensory overload. Whether this impression persists after hours of gaming is of course another matter.

Greetings from Spider-Man: The second point that appeals to me is the movement. Not only does it look fluid and action-packed, it also reminds me a lot of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games with wall running and swinging along skyscrapers. The real-time combat also seems to take a similar stance, except here we’re attacking enemies with four characters, each with their own abilities.


That’s what Project Mugen is all about

As so-called espers, a kind of special investigators, we face supernatural dangers such as anomalies in a futuristic city. Characters include Taffy, Bansy, Alan, Mechanika, and Dila, all of whom have special traits. What the story looks like in detail is still unclear, but it is said to be “profound”.

Open World with GTA feeling: The urban world should not only appear alive and atmospheric, but also react to us as we freely explore it in third-person perspective – on foot, by car, motorcycle and subway. There should also be heated chases. So it’s no wonder that the GTA comparison wasn’t the only thing that came to mind.

After all, the title seems to have triggered a bit of anticipation not only in me. Also in the comments, for example under the YouTube trailer, fans are happy about how “incredible” the game looks, at least in the trailer.

Annika Bavendiek

Annika doesn’t know much about Free2Play and mobile games. Despite this, she is now eyeing Project Mugen as not only is she very fond of anime, but also the GTA and Spider-Man games, which she recognizes in the title.

Despite the initial anticipation, I still want to exercise caution at the end of the day. After all, we can expect microtransactions here that cannot yet be assessed. And otherwise the title can only be assessed to a limited extent on the basis of a trailer – but at least it’s enough for me to have Project Mugen on the screen and at least want to play it when it appears.

Incidentally, Project Mugen will not only appear on mobile, but has also been announced for PS4 and PS5.

What is your first impression of Project Mugen?