That Starfield does not have DLSS on PC is not an imposition of AMD, it is a matter of Bethesda | Top News

that starfield does not have dlss on pc is not

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That Starfield does not have DLSS on PC is not an imposition of AMD, it is a matter of Bethesda | Top News

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Starfield is exactly 7 days away from hitting our PCs in early access, though only if you’ve bought any of its more expensive editions, not the standard one. However, this platform is done without DLSS in a collaborative move with AMD that has raised a lot of blisters in the community. Of course, that it does not have the scaling of NVIDIA is not a thing of the red team, these wash your handsis bethesda thing only.

In this case, the Bethesda RPG will come to PC with the last version of the FSR 2.0 while games like Immortals of Aveum and Forspoken will be the first to release FSR 3.0. This has caused many to be afraid of the PC version of the game as even though NVIDIA drivers were updated for the game 2 days ago, there was no mention of DLSS.

For this reason, The Verge has decided to contact Frank Azor, head of AMD games, to find out the reason and if we are talking about temporary exclusivity. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, Azor strongly anticipates that Bethesda is the one who has the last word on this: “If they want to have DLSS, they have the full support of AMD“.

So why is there no DLSS on Starfield? Azor, who is also a co-founder of Alienware, has sinned cautious and has commented that the Current situation with AMD is complicated by controversy that this has caused. “We want to be very careful not to impose this response on our partners,” says the manager.

We know that using FSR helps enormously to have a more similar version to that of consoles, since they can make use of AMD scaling. “Bethesda’s decision to use FSR is a advantage for console“, he adds. Plus, Starfield will be offered free with AMD’s newly announced 7800 XT and 7700 XT graphics cards, so we’re talking about a agreement complete what gives performance advantage and advertising those of the red team.

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