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That’s why Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama had concerns about the Super Hero movie

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is doing very well at the box office, but of course that wasn’t clear beforehand.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does a few things differently from the other Dragon Ball films, which is why Dragon Ball inventor Akira Toriyama was unsure whether the new movie would still be as popular as Dragon Ball Super: Broly der case was.


Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: The inventor was afraid of the new movie

That’s what it’s about: The new Dragon Ball movie is by no means lacking in spectacle. But still, compared to other works in the series, it almost seems a bit tame. For once, it’s not about the destruction of entire universes, Son Goku and Vegeta aren’t the focus and gods don’t play a role either. In return, Piccolo, for example, gets a new color and shape.

You can watch a trailer for the Dragon Ball flick here:


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This Dragon Ball movie shouldn’t be quite so over-the-top, which made the inventor of the franchise a bit unsure in advance. In a statement on the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he explains that he wanted to go back to basics by setting the storyline on a small patch of planet earth.

“Not only that, but the Red Ribbon Army is the enemy – an enemy who didn’t make much of an impression even when I originally created the series. Plus: Son Goku and Vegeta aren’t even the main characters.

I think I managed to make the story interesting, but I was constantly concerned that I might have toned it down a little bit.”

(via: Twitter)

But the fear was unfounded, because director Tetsuro Kodama and his team came and their visuals managed to transform this relatively small-scale story into an incredible film. Apparently, the creator of the original is also very satisfied with the new film and the reactions to it.


You can read the reactions to the film here:

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The film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero can still be viewed in individual screenings in a few selected cinemas in Germany. Most of them were yesterday, but sometimes there is still a chance today and at the weekend.

Have you already seen the new film? How do you think it’s a little less over the top this time?