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That’s why you should play Fortnite again right now

Fortnite has changed massively and is hardly recognizable. Find out here why now is the perfect time to (re)start.


What’s going on in Fortnite right now? With Chapter 4, developer Epic has turned Fortnite and its map upside down and redesigned it. There’s now a new map, new weapons, new gameplay, and most importantly, all-new graphics that bring the game to new splendor.

Fortnite is a different game now

The following features essentially make Fortnite a new game that plays and feels different than previous versions of the game. Even supposedly convinced Fortnite opponents should now have hardly any reasons not to take a lap in Epic’s successful shooter.

Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 1 gameplay trailer

You don’t have to build anymore

If you ask some gamers who used to play Fortnite but don’t do it anymore, they often say: “Yeah well, that was great, but building was annoying! I never got along with that, I just wanted to shoot!” Because if you only got a shaky board cubbyhole there yourself – if at all – you were quickly kicked out of the game by construction experts and their “fortresses of death” and didn’t really have a fun gaming experience.


But to all construction boycotters, it’s time to cheer! Because since March 2022 there has been a special “zero building mode” that has remained in the game permanently. There is a strict ban on building there and nobody brings a hammer and chisel to a proper shootout anymore. While you can still clobber and shoot the botany, it has no further effect other than glorious destruction.

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But to all construction boycotters, it’s time to cheer! Because since March 2022 and probably also for the future there is a special “zero build mode”. There is a strict ban on building there and nobody brings a hammer and chisel to a proper shootout anymore. While you can still clobber and shoot the botany, it has no further effect other than glorious destruction.


Here you can download Fortnite for free.

To compensate for the lack of cover, all players in Zero Build mode get an additional Energy Shield that recharges. So the time-to-kill is not significantly different and you can look forward to exciting gun battles without suddenly popping up bulwarks of cover. By the way, if you want to continue building, you can still do so in a separate playlist. Fortnite has enough players to keep fans of both camps happy.


The graphics have been massively revised

The feature that blew away many critics at the launch of Chapter 4 was the brand new, optimized Unreal 5 engine that is now in the game. This means that magnificent new graphics features such as Nanite or Lumen are in play. Among other things, they ensure high-resolution architectural geometry, spectacular ray tracing and greatly improved shadows.

Fortnite’s new graphics catapult the game into the next generation of graphic bangers. Sure, the game is still colorful and lively, but there are now high-resolution textures, spectacular lighting effects and a damage model that spectacularly collapses entire fortresses when you blast them into lumps with your weapons.

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Incidentally, the graphic splendor also affects the skins. They are still elaborately designed and animated. But with Chapter 4 there is even more diversity. If you don’t feel like colorful anime characters or wacky comic characters, you can stock up on solid gamer legends such as Geralt von Rivia (The Witcher 3) or the Doom Slayer (Doom Eternal).

The gameplay is smoother and more exciting

Fortnite got nicer, more accessible and snappier in the recent update. Because with new movement mechanics and gameplay systems, you can run and jump through the game world much more elegantly. You can finally slide coolly through the botany and smoke away opponents left and right. Thanks to the new parcour system, you can now jump over obstacles, smash through doors and climb hills in fluid movements.


There is also an extremely diverse new map, which is smaller overall than previous playing fields. This has the positive effect that there is more action and players meet more often and faster. So if the matches of the past were too tough and tedious for you, you now get more exciting shoot-outs and chases.


If a game still takes a little longer, then that’s a real stroke of luck for you, because Fortnite has a new, roguelite system that rewards your perseverance. At certain intervals in the match, you will now be offered two “reality extensions” from which you can choose one.

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Some of these perks change your way of playing fundamentally, for example by doing a lot of damage on the first hit, jumping twice as far, or being able to reload your light weapons extra quickly. This makes every Fortnite game a unique experience.

Also positive: The current Fortnite is extremely accessible. Past versions sometimes had a lot of additional functions that easily overwhelmed new players. In Chapter 4, the game goes back to the roots of a fun battle royale game.


There are still NPCs with special options and mounts to tame, but if you’re just in the mood for shooting (and maybe building), you can jump into the game at any time and do exactly what’s fun. Incidentally, this also includes other game modes that do not only consist of classic Battle Royale. Among them are arena modes and the group wedges mode, in which two huge teams fight for a mission objective.
So much for the current reasons why you should definitely give Fortnite another chance. If Fortnite fever has grabbed you now, get the game for free for the platform of your choice here.