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The 10 best rated MMORPGs on Steam in March 2023

If you search for the tag “.” on Steam, you will have over 300 games to choose from. But which ones are the best judging by the reviews? We look at the 10 best online roleplaying games on Steam with the best ratings.

What is the article about? We at MeinMMO looked at the .s on Steam and saw which ones had the best ratings. It was important to us that

  • it’s really an . (the tags are set by the players and not the developers)
  • the game title is still being actively expanded and is not already in “maintenance mode”.
  • the games have received at least 1,000 ratings in order to achieve comparability

10 games came out, among which there are some surprises. The data from the SteamCharts website was used for the specified player numbers. The article was created by our . expert Alexander Leitsch, who played many of these titles himself and dealt with them intensively.

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The list was last updated on March 2, 2023. We have adjusted the rankings, ratings and links.

10th place – Lord of the Rings Online

setting: Fantasy, Middle-earth | developer: Standing Stone Game | platform: PC | release date: April 24, 2007 | Model: Free2Play | Rating on Steam: 81% positive


What kind of game is this? In Lord of the Rings Online (or LOTRO) you journey to Middle-earth, slowly but surely emerging from quiet starter zones into a world threatened by Sauron’s grasp.

The . is distinguished by a wonderful atmosphere, a lot of content and regular new updates, despite the fact that the game is already 13 years old. The game now goes beyond Tolkien’s novels and tells its own stories even without the ring.

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Recently, the game attracted attention by offering more content for Free2Play players, including a new class and a total of four expansions.

Lord of the Rings Online is also one of the games best suited for role-playing.

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What do the Steam reviews say? Overall, the Middle-earth . has 17,121 ratings, 81% of which are positive. In the last 30 days, the ratings look a bit worse with 80% positive votes, but there were only 163 pieces.

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How many players does it have on Steam? Almost 795 players played Lord of the Rings Online every day in the last 30 days. At the peak, 1,617 players watched the title at the same time. This is a noticeable decrease on Steam compared to spring and autumn 2022, with strong values ​​around 1,300 players, and also a slight minus compared to the previous month.


For whom is the . worthwhile? The Lord of the Rings Online is primarily aimed at fans of Middle-earth, the story from the films and theme park players. However, if you start the . today, you have to reckon with very weak graphics and a rather monotonous combat system. However, experiencing the story can be a good consolation.

In addition to the adjustments for Free2Play players already mentioned, a new class finally appeared again in September 2021 after 7 years. An extension and a new class are also planned for 2023.