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The 13 great moments of Gamescom 2022 and the five most notorious absences

With the official list of winning games conveniently served and the promise to return in 2023, we can call Gamescom 2022 over. Germany has dedicated five days comprehensively to video games and, in the process, has left us more than 200 previews, announcements and news for PCs and consoles, which is fast. And between one thing and another, the occasional surprise.

At Esports Extras we live the experience at the foot of the canyon, as it should be, and we are fully aware that the pace of events has been very intense. Especially at the Opening Gala and the Future Games Fest. If, in addition, he has caught you working or on vacation, the normal thing is that you get lost the best, the not so good and the most relevant. Luckily, we have put it all together in one place.

The best and worst of Gamescom 2022 according to Esports Extras editors

After sharing our assessment of the Gamescom 2022 we have prepared a selection of the best and most memorable and, in addition, we share the five most notorious absences. Because, being fair, we already expected that PlayStation and Nintendo would not be present at the German fair, but the truth is that we still hope to see a little more of Forza Motorsport or Starfield. until the end of the fair.

Without further delay, below you will find conveniently detailed the 13 moments that Gamescom 2022 leaves us and, just a bit further down, a handful of very specific games that we really miss.

Dead Island 2 is very much alive. In fact, we’ve even played it!

The first clue was given to us by the goats of GOAT Simulator 3 in its inaugural trailer, and the leaks did not contribute to generating the desired impact, but that does not mean that, after being announced in 2014 (no less), Dead Island 2 itself reappeared as the main course of the Opening Night Live. And beware, this is not an unfounded promise: in Esports Extras we were even able to play it.

Lies of P is crowned as the game of Gamescom 2022

Lies of P It has been the most awarded game of the Gamescom awards 2022, but it has also been present at practically all the events. The premise: reimagine the story of Pinocchio in the Bloodborne style, and what is shown is convincing. In a year in which half the world talks about the new FromSoftware game and we will see two new movies of the wooden hero, Lies of P could not go unnoticed.

We already have the date (and price) of Return to Monkey Island

The good news ahead: Guybrush and LeChuck return to video games in Return to Monkey Island to solve what they left unresolved more than 30 years ago! The chosen date is September 19, the place Nintendo Switch and Steam. And if you think that in 2022 pay 20+ bucks for a video game it’s too much don’t worry: Ron Gilbert has taken inflation into account.

Kojima Announces Brain Structure, His Own Podcast Show

We expected that the good relationship between Geoff Keighley, presenter of the opening gala of Gamescom, and Hideo Kojima would end up leading to the traditional surprise of each of his galas. There was no luck with video games, although it was confirmed that he had several in the oven, but he did not come empty-handed either: the Japanese genius presented Brain structurehis own podcast on Spotify dedicated to exploring the human mind. Who expected it?

Hogwarts Legacy leaves us drooling with its news

Warner pulled muscle with Hogwarts Legacy, the open world RPG based on the Harry Potter universe, and the truth is that it achieved the desired effect. Its new trailer won the award for the best trailer at Gamescom 2022. Its spectacular collector’s edition, with a floating magic wand, is more than a whim.

And beware, that its release date was brought forward three days if we bet on the special editions. It’s time to check if we meet the requirements on PC.

The movie Killer Clowns from Outer Space will have an official video game

A story of nothing. We are more than used to seeing how the eighties horror classics come in and out of video games like Pedro around his house with cameos and video games of his own, but what killer clowns from outer space, the 1988 film included in Amazon Prime Video (although not highly recommended), announced its official game, we did not see it coming. Will it turn out good? If we’re honest, our expectations are aligned with the confidence that the film itself conveys.

Homeworld 3 shows its first gameplay… Finally!

do you wait for Dead Island 2 was too long? What’s eight years compared to the nearly 20 it took to see what a sequel to Homeworld 2 would look like? We still have to wait for 2023 to get our hands on it, but if there is something that characterizes us as fans of the strategy is patience. Even though the game offers real-time strategy.

Brian Sanderson presents his own video game, and you can paint his heroes in the WARHAMMER style

If you are passionate about fantasy and science fiction literature, you most likely have a book of brian sanderson by hand. As of September 29, you will also be able to get your hands on moonbreaker, the turn-based strategy game whose universe has been imagined by Sanderson himself. And beware, his miniature painting system promises to be a real downfall.

The exotic Where Winds Met wants to eat Assassin’s Creed’s toast, and it doesn’t look bad at all

We are still waiting for Ubisoft to talk about the new Assassin’s Creed project (already confirmed), but while the Gauls take their time at Everstone Studio they take the initiative with Where Winds Met, an open world action game set in the twilight of the Ten Kingdoms period and not shy about embracing its fantasy and RPG nature.

Funcom takes us from the Exiled Lands to the very Arrakis of DUNE

Whether you are passionate about the literary work of Frank Herbert or if you were impressed by the latest film by Denis Villeneuve, Funcom has your next obsession in hand: Dune: Awakening, an . that will challenge us to survive and prosper on the ever-imposing planet Arrakis.

New Name, Ultimate Dark Fantasy: The Lords of the Fallen

The announced sequel to Lords of the Fallen simplifies its name – dropping the “2” along the way – but cements its presence and theme in a spectacular way: the cinematic trailer of The Lords of the Fallen is everything that was expected of the saga from CI Games. And watch out, it’s in the hands of the Barcelona studio Hexworks. It’s time to keep track of him closely.

System Shock, a little closer

Dead Island 2, the third part of Monkey Island, Homeworld 3… It can’t be said that Gamescom was short on unfulfilled promises about to come true. We have been talking about the remake of System Shock in Extra Life since 2015 no less. Of course, after seeing his new trailer offered at the Future Games Fest we want it for yesterday.

The Metal Concerto: Hellsinger

The Outsiders and Funcom put all the meat on the grill with Metal: Hellsinger: not only did they show it wherever possible, but they managed a gig full of rock legends, including vocalists of the caliber of Matt Heafy, James Dorton, Mikael Stanne, Dennis Lyxzén Y Alissa White-Gluz. Who, by the way, participate in the game itself. What a show!

The five most notorious absences from Gamescom 2022

Although, we wanted to gather more than a dozen moments that will define what Gamescom 2022 has left us, there is much more that remains in the pipeline. And it is not little. Above all, with a The Callisto Protocol Peeking out and that was shown from opening night.

Among what happened and we did not mention before, we came across the fight that Yuke’s Co and THQ Nordic organized at the German fair on the occasion of AEW: Fight Foreverthe announcement of New Tales of Borderlands, Rift of the NecroDancer or The Great War and the new Gotham Knights snacks, The Last Case of Benedict Fox and The Dark Pictures Anthology: The *text muted* in Me. To give some examples.

Fbq7 Mdwyaakguf

However, the absences have weighed too much in these five days of the great German video game fair. Xbox missed the opportunity to talk about its next big hits and, despite the fact that PlayStation and Nintendo already announced that they would not show up, what they have shown these days makes us wonder if it would have been worth offering a preview of their next best sellers at some event in live. Games that, very easily, would have been imposed on the bulk of the ads.

We have selected you below five absences that could perfectly have appeared at Gamescom 2022 and they decided to postpone their reappearance to a future to be defined. Because, let’s be clear, what better event than the German fair to get excited about Kratos’ new foray into Norse mythology?

God of War Ragnarok

That PlayStation was not present at gamescom is a half truth: In addition to the impact generated by its sudden price increase, it was used to show a new customizable DualSense controller model. A pity, since with an appetizer of the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok the blow would have been cushioned more.

The PlayStation VR 2 Catalog

Sony has been putting off the conversation around PlayStation VR 2 far too long and far longer than necessary. And we are not referring to the device or the specifications, but to what we can play on it in addition to Horizon Call of the Mountain. At least, we already have a little more clear when it will arrive in stores. An announcement prior to Gamescom 2022, all be said.

Forza Motorsports

Xbox had nothing less than six hours at Gamescom 2022 to show off and show off what was to come to consoles, PCs. It did, of course, and in all that time it reminded us of the upcoming content of Flight Simulator, Grounded, Sea of ​​Thieves… Incomprehensibly, we were left without seeing its upcoming bombings like Forza MotorsportsRedfall or Starfield. And we know for a fact that they showed up at the fair.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The new series of The Lord of the Rings appears, and that makes the total absence of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum in the Gamescom 2022 draw attention. Especially when its launch was scheduled for a matter of days until not too long ago. That the game was being developed from GermanyIn addition, it does not go unnoticed either. If there was an opportunity to show off, this was it.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity

screenshot 241

Believe it or not, we are in the midst of the 15th anniversary of the Assassin’s Creed saga. At the moment, Ubisoft has only offered updates and new productions based on the saga. But we know and we are very aware that Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the new installment of the saga, is official and will not take long to appear.

The Gauls missed the opportunity to show the title that will give the saga a refocus by betting on the game-as-a-service format at the largest European video game fair. An unbeatable and advantageous showcase for the company. Let’s hope they don’t save it for the 16th birthday celebration.


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