The 15 best Naruto characters

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the 15 best naruto characters

Meet some of the most beloved characters from across the Naruto universe.

The 15 best Naruto characters
The story of the Naruto characters is something that makes the anime unique

While this anime focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, many of its teammates and rivals accompany him along the way for fulfilling your dreams. Well, throughout the entire plot, various highly relevant characters are presented who have earned the appreciation of the fans of the franchise for their personality, skills, desEsports Extrasand evolution over the course of each arc.

Considering that there are many ninjas with impressive powers, in this article we have decided to show you the 15 Best Naruto Characters and why they have attracted so much attention. Of course, it’s a difficult choice for any fan, so we leave you the information about each of them in the following list.

These are the most important characters in Naruto

Among the wide variety of ninjas that make up the entire world of Naruto, there are some that have marked a before and after. So, in the following list you have some of the best in the franchise. It should be noted that in the information we give you below there is SPOILERS.

Hashirama Senju

The best Naruto characters

Hashirama Senju was the founder of the Hidden Leaf Village and the first Hokage.

He was the founder of the hidden leaf village, first Hokage and the leader of the Senju clan. Hashirama was a mythical ninja who had the power to manipulate wood, a special ability that only he had. Furthermore, he was the only one who could fight as equals with Madara Uchiha, the leader of the enemy Uchiha clan. His dream was to create a village where ninjas could live in peace, but things did not turn out the way he wanted.

Tobirama Senju

The best Naruto characters

Tobirama Senju was responsible for creating the Edo Tensei

Hashirama Senju was the second Hokage of the hidden leaf village, known primarily for invent many powerful techniques that became famous, such as Edo Tensei, Hiraishin or Kage Bunshin. He also wanted peace between ninja villages like his brother, but he was also faithful to his duty and his honor, being a innate teacher with great intelligence. He died fighting and left the position of Hokage to Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Minato Namikaze

The best Naruto characters

Minato Namikaze was known as the Yellow King

He is the father of Naruto Uzumaki, who at the time was the fourth Hokage of the village hidden from the sheet. Minato was an extraordinary ninja who became famous for his speed, intelligence, and sealing skills, so much so that he was known as the “Yellow Ray”. In turn, he was the one who invented the Rasengan and who sealed the Kyubi inside his son, giving his life to save the village from his attack.


The best Naruto characters

Orochimaru just wanted to live forever.

Along with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Orochimaru was part of the three legendary Sannin, but he took the path of evil. He was a ninja who He longed for knowledge and immortality without caring about the price. To achieve this, he experimented with his body and other ninjas, creating horrible creatures and testing forbidden techniques. He was one of the main enemies from the first series, where he fought against his former friends, students and anyone who stood in his way.


The best Naruto characters

Jiraiya was like a father to Naruto Uzumaki

Jiraiya was a nomadic ninja who loved to travel, flirt with women and Write novels inspired by their own experiences. Among his most important characteristics is his use of natural chakra that gave him the ability to call enormous toads and use Hermit Mode with which he obtained physical advantage. He was definitely a guide and the closest thing to a father that Naruto had.


The best Naruto characters

Tsunade earned the respect of the inhabitants of the Leaf Village

The Fifth Hokage from the hidden leaf village was Tsunade, one of the most relevant female Naruto characters during the Akatsuki attack. As a medical ninja, master the art of healing and regeneration expertly. At the same time, it is capable of increasing its physical strength through the use of chakramaking her a formidable combatant.

Killer B

The best Naruto characters

Killer Bee is the jinchuriki of Hachibi

Hachibi, the eight-tailed octopus-calf, has Killer B as a jinchuriki, one of the few who managed control your inner beast. This is a ninja from the hidden cloud village and the adoptive brother of the Raikage. What makes it special compared to the others is his fun and sociable attitude, but above all that he loves to rap and rhyme in all his phrases. In turn, he is considered an expert in kenjutsu, being able to use up to eight swords at the same time.

Nagato (Pain)

The best Naruto characters

Nagato was able to destroy an entire village using the Rinnegan.

Nagato was an orphan who lived through war and suffering since childhood. His pain made him seek peace through the pain of others, thinking that in this way he could appreciate life. However, things escalated further and used the six paths of pain, six corpses that he handled with his Rinnegan to catch the nine tailed beasts and create an ultimate weapon that could end the world.

Itachi Uchiha

The best Naruto characters

Itachi Uchiha is one of the best users with Sharingan

Is about a ninja prodigy who graduated from the academy at age seven and became captain of the ANBU at thirteen. However, his life changed when he had to murder your own clan by order of the village, leaving only his brother Sasuke alive. His goal was to protect the village and his brother from a civil war, even if he had to do so. become a criminal and a traitor, ending up as one of the members of the Akatsuki.

Kakashi Hatake

The best Naruto characters

Kakashi Hatake has a great ability to copy techniques and use chidori

Kakashi Hatake was the sensei of team seven, consisting of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. He was a gifted and hardened ninja who earned the nickname “the ninja copies” for his ability to copy the techniques of his rivals with his Sharingan. Although he was a stern and rigorous ninja, he was also kind and understanding depending on the situations. Indeed, Kakashi is among the strongest characters in Naruto, standing out for his intelligence, his experience and his mastery of various special moves like the Chidori. Additionally, during Tsunade’s grave condition, he became one of the Hokages of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Madara Uchiha

The best Naruto characters

All of Naruto’s unfortunate events were the fault of Madara Uchiha’s plan.

Madara Uchiha was the creator of the Uchiha clan and the Hashirama Senju’s perpetual enemy. Without a doubt a strong and greedy ninja who wanted to create a perfect world under his command, taking things to the limit to achieve it. He activated the Rinnegan to summon the sacred tree, an entity he could absorb the chakra of all beings alive. Madara earned the respect of fans as the main antagonist of the series, as he manages to fight against the five Kages and the nine jinchurikis without problem.

Rock Lee

The best Naruto characters

Rock Lee only uses Taijutsu to fight

Although Rock Lee has no aptitude for ninjutsu or genjutsu, he trained hard to master taijutsu to the maximum and be a great ninja specialized solely in this art like his master Might Guy. His optimism, his loyalty to his classmates, and his admiration for his teachers make him a character worthy of carrying the title as one of the best in the franchise, especially because He also reached his full potential. by mastering the eight forbidden gates.

Sasuke Uchiha

The best Naruto characters

Sasuke Uchiha always wanted revenge against his brother and enemies

Sasuke Uchiha’s life was marked by pain of losing your family because of his older brother. That trauma drove him to seek revenge, but it also made him mature as a ninja and as a human. His relationship with Naruto was key to the development of the plot and his final repentance He demonstrated his ability to change and accept the mistakes he had committed.

Naruto Uzumaki

The best Naruto characters

Nothing stopped Naruto Uzumaki from fulfilling his dreams

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the anime and the one who had a most notable evolution throughout history. At first he was a lonely child that no one wanted for being a jinchuriki, but as he grew up he showed everyone that he could master his abilities and I would give my life for any inhabitant from the hidden leaf village. His strength, his joy, his kindness and his desire to not give up made him the strongest ninja, thus becoming the Hokage that he always wanted.

Obito Uchiha

The best Naruto characters

Obito Uchiha has kept a lot of pain for a long time

One of the most relevant and sad enemies of all the anime was Obito Uchiha. His dream was to be Hokage, but when Rin died, he caused his life to change forever, ending up on a bad path. In this way, he became the student of Madara Uchiha and the head of Akatsuki under the name “Tobi”, hiding behind a mask. His plan was make a fake world where everyone was happy, but really it was because I didn’t want to suffer anymore. In the end, she realized that he was wrong and helped stop Kaguya.

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