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The 15 golden tips to be the best in Fall Guys

The successful battle royale of Epic Games Fall Guys, continues to gain popularity among the gaming public thanks to the fact that it is now available for free on virtually all platforms, including Switch.

As the game continues to gain popularity, more new players appear who may not know how to play aiming for victory in competitive challenges. If this is your case, you will not want to miss these 15 golden tips to be the best in Fall Guys.


know the levels

As you play you will learn more about the levels. Don’t be afraid to try new things at first, as you may discover shortcuts or understand how certain platforms work.

Adapt your movements to the environment

Lots of areas require jumping or turning, but if it was just a matter of doing this, everyone would get there first. The technique is in synchronize your actions as the environment around you changes. If you wait to jump or run at the right time, you can get a few extra seconds to help you claim victory.

Control forward impulses

One of the most important tricks in Fall Guys is to push forward. This is especially useful when you are running at high speed, as it can give you the necessary push to pass an obstacle or reach the goal.


Don’t forget that also you can propel yourself forward after jumping, in case you need a little more strength to get through a high platform. Boosts are essential to avoid slashing axes or jump through hoops.

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Remember you can hold on

It may be annoying when they do it to you, but that does not stop it from being tremendously useful hold onto objects in Fall Guys. If you want to claim victory, you’ll need to learn to hold onto the edge of some objects or platforms. To do this, just press the grab button when your character jumps to the edge of a box. Then you will have to press the jump button again to get all the way up.

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Just remember that holding other players can also leave you behind.

Don’t swim against the current

Remember that being a battle royaleYou won’t be the only person who wants to go all the way. Other players are likely to get ahead of you, so you will often end up caught between a bunch of players. Instead of wasting time trying to separate yourself in the midst of chaos, go with the flow and find ways to get ahead when the opportunity presents itself.


know your character

We already made it clear that many times you’ll end up in a crowd, so it may happen that you end up getting confused among so many adorable characters. For this reason, it is recommended that you be aware of how your character looks, so that you can avoid confusion in any situation; even if there is another character with a similar color.

watch others

It is true that you must pay attention to the map, but there is also a lot you can learn watching other players with more experience. By paying attention to their strategies and ways to progress, you might discover a better path to complete a challenge or the moves needed to gain an advantage at specific points in the race.

That the level does not control your rhythm

If you have already played some games of Fall Guys, you will notice that the maps are designed to make it difficult for players to pass and punish wrong moves. You might fall into a trap, get up, try again, and fall back; which becomes a frustrating experience.

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The reason for this is that you are letting the pace of the level and other players influence your moves. Sometimes it is a better idea to stop for a moment, breathe and try at your own pace than to continue making the same mistake by trying to go as far as everyone else.

Pay attention to the traps

If you want to become a master of the levels, you will have to learn to dodge the traps. Not only is it a good idea to know what all the traps do and their locations, but also their different behaviors. If you pay attention, over time you will know the rhythm of the ax by heart, and you will learn which path to take at the right time.


Sometimes it’s good to fail

Although it may not seem like it, some “traps” that you should supposedly avoid they can give you a decisive boost in Fall Guys, especially in racing challenges. Try to take advantage of all the tools you find on the maps every time you compete, which will give you an advantage over others.

Sometimes it’s even a good idea to drop down, as certain levels have lower routes that are easier to traverse. So the next time you fall, ask yourself if you could take advantage of it.

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Balance your team

You may sometimes end up playing team challenges. Since there is no communication, it is necessary that watch carefully what your peers intend to do. If you notice that they are playing aggressively, a good option is to act passively and defend objectives. You can also balance your team by playing attack if you see that the majority is defending.

Take advantage of spectator mode

Although the game allows you to leave the game as soon as you lose, there is value in staying to watch others play. It’s easier to watch experienced players and learn from them when spectating them than in the middle of a game when you also have to keep an eye out for obstacles.

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Participate in events

If you are just starting to play, you may be a bit intimidated the different modes of Fall Guys and you just want to play ring games. However, there are many incentives when participating in events.

Not only will you have a good time, but they are a great way to earn more Compliments, the currency used in-game to purchase cosmetic accessories. You can also earn Commendations in normal matches, but completing challenges and participating in events will allow you to unlock more outfits to customize your character with.

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master the sabotage

As we mentioned before, sabotaging is a double edged sword in Fall Guys, but can be useful if you know what you’re doing. Holding another player to prevent them from jumping can make them lose their rhythm or concentration and give you a small advantage; however, a third player can take advantage of this fight to move forward calmly. If you’re going to sabotage, consider that other players can overtake you and you can’t hold them all.

It’s about the journey, not the goal

It is true that winning is fun and exciting, but you can enjoy your games regardless of the outcome; that is another form of victory. It’s also important to play for fun, even if you don’t win. Also, you can always learn something from your losses, so losing is also necessary if you want to get better at Fall Guys.