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the 15 most expensive of Cenit Supremo

The Supreme Zenith expansion is part of the pokemon cards based on pokemon sword and shield. This contains the legendary Zacian and Zamazenta with V-ASTRO powers and Galarian Gallery illustrations with 70 of them. The Galería de Galar stands out for having more special illustrations and being more bizarre, for this reason they are usually the most expensive. supreme zenith was released on January 20, 2023, while the expansion of scarlet and purple will arrive on March 31, 2023; the latter being already part of the ninth generation.


In the TGCplayer online store you can see which are the pokemon cards most expensive of this edition, specialized in buying and selling cards from both Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Digimon and more.

The truth is that this list of pokemon cards more expensive can vary over time and could even be different if we look for them in different online stores, such as the famous Card Market. However, it is most likely that these are also the most expensive and only change position with respect to others. Although it must be taken into account that Cenit Supremo has been on the market for a very short time, so it is much more likely that the value of each one will change a lot.

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Also, we remind you that it is possible that over the years these cards increase in value as they become rarer.


The price that we show you is the market price, but in reality they can all be found for less. Next, we show you.

These are the most expensive Pokemon cards in Supreme Zenith

1. Giratina VSTAR – Galar Gallery


The dreaded Giratina as the main protagonist of this list. An incredible illustration of this Pokemon. Its market price in TGCplayer is $164.75.

2. Arceus VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Arceus VSTAR - Galarian Gallery (Pokemon Card)

It is striking that a Giratina card is above the Pokemon God, although it is not strange either. The market price of this pokemon card on the web it is for $107.95.


3. Mewtwo VSTAR – Galarian Gallery

Mewtwo VSTAR - Pokemon Card

The top three positions make perfect sense: Giratina, Arceus, and Mewtwo. All three are very important and popular in the Pokemon franchise. In the image we can see Mewtwo fighting against Charizard. The market price of this letter in TGCplayer is for $85.59.

4. Dialga Shape Origin VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Dialga Origin Form VSTAR - Galarian Gallery (Pokemon Card)

Dialga is a legendary Pokemon from the fourth generation. You can control the time. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus we were able to see Dialga’s Origin Form for the first time. Its market price is $72.20.

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5. Palkia Form Origin VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Palkia Origin Form VSTAR - Galarian Gallery (Pokemon Card)

It was to be expected that if Dialga is there, Palkia would probably be there too. Its golden illustration is reminiscent of the first two on the top and of Dialga himself. The market price is $63.55.


6. Pikachu

Pikachu - Pokemon Card

The franchise mascot enters the top. It should be mentioned that this pokemon card You can easily vary its price because it is actually much more common than the rest. As of today, its market price is $42.95.

7. Leafeon VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Leafeon VSTAR

Inside the top enters one of the evolutions of the much loved Eevee. This Pokemon made its appearance in the fourth generation. Its market price is $42.03.


8. Suicune V – Galar Gallery

The Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal. The market price is $40.15.

9. Glaceon VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Glaceon VSTAR

Another of the eight evolutions of Eevee, this time the Ice type. Its market price is $32.24.


10. Irida – Galar Gallery

Irida - Galar Gallery

In the pokemon cards It’s not just Pokemon coming. These are known as the trainer cards. Within the game they are used as support to obtain certain advantages. In this case, for example, it is used to search the deck for a Water-type Pokemon and an object card. Irida – Galar Gallery is at the market price of $29.70.

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11. Elesa’s Sparkle

Elesa's Sparkle

Elesa is the leader of the Electric-type Gym in Majolica City in the Unova region. In USA she is called Camila. The market price is $29.39.

12. Zoroark by Hisui VSTAR – Galar Gallery

Zoroark by Hisui VSTAR - Galar Gallery

With Hisui’s Zoroark you can during your turn you can discard your hand and draw seven cards. Its market price is $28.48.


13. Raikou V – Galarian Gallery

Raikou V - Galarian Gallery

An Electric-type Legendary Pokemon from the second generation. Its market price is $27.88.

14. Ambition of Cintia – Galar Gallery

Cintia's Ambition - Galarian Gallery

Champion of the Sinnoh League and trainer of the Caelestis Village. This version of Galería de Galar is at a market price of $26.17.


15. Darkrai VSTAR – Galarian Gallery

Darkrai VSTAR - Galar Gallery

Darkrai is a Dark-type Mythical Pokemon from the fourth generation. Its market price is $25.51.

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