The 18 best mobile video games to play this Christmas

Tom Henry

We are in a time when there are family gatherings, lunches and dinners with friends or business colleagues and there are also those who take advantage of the Christmas to rest. When you have free time, the easiest thing to do is to use your mobile because it can accompany you anywhere and it won’t be for titles that will make you spend the most entertaining moments.

That is why we wanted to elaborate a wide selection of which are the best mobile games which you can play during these Christmas holidays, among which you will find proposals of all kinds, such as racing games, adventures, strategy, action, musicals and much more.

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Alto’s Adventure

The setting of Alto’s Adventure It is not even painted at this time, since you will dedicate yourself to crossing snowy hills, forests and ruins with your snowboard with adjusted jumps, weather effects that will try to hinder you and levels that are procedurally generated.

among us

As in its PC version, in Among Us a group of players will take the role of astronauts who must carry out missions, but among all of them there are impostors who will do everything possible to kill the rest and annoy their tasks. That gives rise to conversations in which it will be time to discover who the real enemies are.


One of the best musical games that you can have on your devices and that reminds us of the best days of guitar herobecause in beatstar There are hundreds of the best known songs worldwide and that will test your reflexes to press the keys at the right time to score more.

call of duty mobile

The shootings of call of duty now they can accompany you on your mobile device in any of the different multiplayer modes that Call of Duty Mobile has, including iconic maps from the franchise and even a Battle Royale in which up to a hundred people can join.

*text muted* Immortal

Controversies aside due to the internal purchases it contains, Diablo Immortal is a fairly decent game that cannot be missing from your devices if you are fans of the Blizzard saga, because a world with all kinds of missions to carry out, combats against hellish monsters, dungeons and other challenges.

Dragon Ball Legends

A fantastic way to recreate the iconic combat of dragonball It is with the Dragon Ball Legends video game, although here you will not get involved in simply making combos, since here you will use cards to unleash the most devastating abilities of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and so on up to more than 400 characters.

FIFA Mobile

The World Cup may have ended just a few days ago, but that does not mean that the season is over, so you still have time to jump into FIFA Mobile, choose any club you want to reach the top or also build the team of your dreams with more than 15,000 soccer players to unlock.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, HoYoverse’s award-winning free-to-play RPG, will take you to the world of Teyvat, with different regions to visit in the form of an open world and in which you will not stop completing missions, fighting against powerful enemies, getting items to unlock or improve the characters and all this with a visual section with an anime touch.


the universe of warcraft jump into card battles with Hearthstone, so it’s up to you to desEsports Extrasyour own deck containing minions, spells and anything that can make you win in dynamic battlefields, with all kinds of heroes and a content that does not stop receiving expansions.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the popular MOBA from Riot Games. Like the original, two teams will face each other in battles with various champions with the aim of destroying the opponents’ base, although it must be recognized that this adaptation is quite well done and worth playing just as much as on PC.

Mario Kart Tour

Getting into karts with the characters from the Mushroom Kingdom is always a fun experience, especially in the case of Mario Kart Tour, as you can take the game wherever you want and compete against players from all over the world with its online multiplayer, without neglecting the main points of the series, such as its crazy objects or the different types of vehicles.

Marvel Snap

For many, Marvel Snap has become one of the best games of the year, although it is not for less, because in its strategic card battles you will be able to use the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe with their special abilities with some quick games in which that one will not have finished and you will already be looking forward to playing another one.

Monument Valley

Both the first installment and the second of Monument Valley are equally excellent and will easily hook you from the first minute. The points of view will play with you in levels full of puzzles in which you will have to guide a princess in this adventure in which she stands out for her brilliant artistic side.

NieR Re[in]carnation

One of the most spectacular games at a graphic level is NieR Re[in]carnation, one of the latest installments of the Square Enix saga that allows us to travel through a 3D world called La Jaula, an unknown place in which our young protagonist will try to atone for her sins and in which there will also be combats in which the characters will have to be given orders to attack or fight on their own.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO may be a few years old, but it’s still just as entertaining as it was on the first day, if not more. One of those titles that can perfectly accompany you wherever you go while you dedicate yourself to capturing Pokemon, completing missions, fighting, etc.

Pokemon Unite

Another of the best Pokemon games that you have at your disposal is Pokemon Unite, which is also a MOBA in which you can control some of the best known Pokemon of all. With all of them you will fight battles in which two teams will try to conquer key points on the stage to earn points and thus win.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors has become one of the biggest surprises this year. One of those games that once you start playing it’s hard to find the moment to put your phone down while you dedicate yourself to slaughtering countless hordes of demonic creatures in a bullet hell.

Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel

No doubt Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is one of the best games based on the well-known anime and manga series that will allow you to fight the duels you want with your own deck of cards, with fantastic animations, more than 10,000 cards available, and gameplay that is adapted for all types of players. of users, regardless of their experience.

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