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The 3 upcoming MMORPGs Corepunk, Palia and Throne and Liberty reveal important details

This week the focus was on some new .s that showed gameplay or revealed details about the release date. In addition, Guild Wars 2 will change its entire release plan in the future and WoW has nerfed the latest raid.

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The highlights of the week:


The excitement of the week: Mike Ybarra, the boss of Blizzard, has a good reputation with the employees and especially the community. Now he has made 3 statements that were not well received at all, causing unrest again.

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Guild Wars 2 wants to bring new expansions faster, ESO teasers big innovations at the end of 2023

This is what happened in the big .s:

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Matching the first birthday of Lost Ark there was this trailer:


Lost Ark Live Action Trailer


More videos

This is what happened with the small .s:


Where are the 55 biggest .s currently? The Animal List 2023

This is what happened with the .s in development:

This is the . news of the week at a glance. What was your personal highlight? Did you experience anything else interesting this week that you would like to share? Or have we perhaps forgotten something important? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.


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