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The 5 best Netflix miniseries | we are xbox

Netflix has one of the most extensive and varied catalogs of series of all streaming platforms, from more mainstream series, like Stranger Things, to the most far-fetched and even experimental stuff. However, there are times when we are not looking for such an extensive series, or we do not have enough time to devote to it. In these cases it is when the miniseries come to the rescue, which luckily do not require as many chapters as a normal one.


For this reason, and because perhaps some of them are not as well-known as regular series, we have prepared this article where we collect the 5 best Netflix miniseries.

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Queen’s Gambit

best netflix miniseries

One of the best known, and for good reason. Queen’s Gambit established Anya Taylor Joy as one of the most promising actresses of the moment, before her definitive jump to Hollywood cinema. The series was so well received that it caused something of an aged fever following its release.


that’s how they see us

best netflix miniseries

In this case we went to a drama based on real events with that’s how they see us. The plot is about a group of five black and Latino teenagers who are accused of a crime they did not commit. Another of the great successes among the Netflix miniseries.

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believe me

5 best netflix miniseries

Continuing with the real facts we have believe mea drama that follows an investigation into a series of rapes and all that it entails for one of the victims, with Kaitlyn Dever giving us a stellar performance as one of the leads.


The assistant

netflix miniseries

In this proposal, Netflix explores the life of a young mother on the brink of poverty, exploring issues such as gender violence and the difficulties to earn a living that many people experience in our society, accompanied by a spectacular performance by Margaret Qualley.

Who is Anna?

The 5 best miniseries on Netflix 38

Once again we have Kaitlyn Dever with a leading role and a stellar performance in Who is Anna? Again in a series based on a real case, in this case that of Anna Sorokin, with one of the most compelling mystery miniseries on all of Netflix.

The 5 best Netflix miniseries

Of course, Netflix has acquired a good catalog of miniseries of the highest caliber within its offer. Here we have shared with you 5 of the most outstanding within the entire offer, however, we encourage you to take a look on your own, since the catalog is full of hidden “gems”.