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The 5 moments of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Elden Ring: pure epic RPG that only FromSoftware could achieve

When people talk about Dark Souls, or FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki games in general, they tend to do so mainly by valuing two things: its difficulty and the background of its world and how it tells its story. And, well, it’s normal, after all these are two of the hallmarks that separate these titles from other games in the industry, but I think there is much more behind.

Outside of their combat, they are less bombastic games than what we are used to seeing in multi-million dollar productions, and this makes some of their moments and discoveries be tremendously impressive. Today it is time to review the occasions in which From titles have left us speechless. Of course, as happened with the special on Fashion Souls, this is going to focus solely on the titles that have come to PC, so there is no Tower of Latria or Yahargul for today.

The strange secret lake of Dark Souls

When thinking of impressive Dark Souls moments, there is one that dwarfs all others. And no, it is not the arrival in Anor Londo. As impressive as the city of the gods is, there is one place in Lordran that made me speechless above any other: the Ash Lake.

Source: Dark Souls Wiki

After discovering its absurdly secret entrance and descending through one of the most tricky areas in the game, what greets you is one of the most massive places of the entire game. While it’s true that you can’t explore all of that place because, well, it’s a lake, the feeling of being in front of something that makes you tiny is overwhelming. To this we must add its gloomy music and the fact that there is the only Eternal Dragon of the title, which is unfazed by your presence. All this makes the Lake of Ashes a truly impressive experience.

The imposing castle of Drangleic in Dark Souls II

Compared to the other games in the series, Dark Souls 2 is clearly the most uneven. Moments that look really bad contrast with some of the biggest visual extravagance that the saga has had, and the one that has entered this ranking is a clear example of how much this could shine. diamond in the rough from FromSoftware.

drangleic castle

Source: Dark Souls Wiki

Once you manage to kill the four main bosses at the beginning of the game, your adventure takes you to the Shrine of Winter and, past it, Drangleic Castle. When you arrive at the central site of the kingdom, it is not like your first contact with Anor Londo. there is not a sun no dazzling architecture in front of you, but total darkness, a road full of enemies, and rain so, so heavy you can feel its weight on you. Add to that some outstanding lighting work, and you have one of the most atmospheric moments in the entire franchise.

The dark sanctuary of Dark Souls III

When talking about Dark Souls 3, there is no doubt that the exit from the Catacombs of Carthus and, therefore, the first sighting of Irithyll from the Boreal Valley is, aesthetically, one of the high points of the title. And yet there is an optional event and quite a bit smaller which honestly blew my mind a lot more.

Untended Graves

Source: Dark Souls Wiki

Once you reach Lothric Castle and defeat Oceiros, you may pick up the chest after that fight and leave, but the wall just behind it hides an incredible secret. After passing that illusory wall, you can reach the forgotten tombs, the dark version of the initial area of ​​the game, along with the Firelink Shrine. My first contact with that place was a big “What’s going on here? I don’t understand anything.” Seeing the place where all the NPCs I know were terribly empty while he kept asking me questions was, to say the least, overwhelming.

1 vs. 1 against Sekiro’s most spectacular dragon

Sekiro is, without a doubt, the most different title of all those in the article. Focusing on a more narrative air, is a more conventional game, but that doesn’t stop it from having that air so characteristic of From’s works, but it allows itself to be somewhat more cinematic. This, how could it be otherwise, is also reflected in its most impressive moment.

divine dragon

Source: Fextralife

Arrived the final bars of the game, after an adventure that is based on frenetic fights, millimeter blocks and, in general, affordable melee combat, Sekiro has to do with the divine dragon, the only thing that stands between him and his target. The change of scale and the majesty of the dragon make his presentation super memorable: you are facing a different challenge, something that goes far beyond the opponents you have seen so far.

Completing Elden Ring in less than 19 minutes is possible: a new world record for the speedrunner community

Getting to Caelid through a trap, I want to go home!

The number of great moments that Elden Ring leaves us with is frankly brutal. One of the biggest video games I’ve seen in recent years is also full of memorable locations and discoveries that leave even the most stoic speechless. In this case, I am frankly unable to come up with just one example, so I will give two: the arrival in Liurnia and one of your possible first minutes in Caelid.

Going in order, the first of those memories is downright precious. Leaving Stormshroud’s castle, moving forward a little having left the Necrolimbo (an already large area) the first thing you see is more immensity. Cloaked in mist, hours and hours of exploration loom before you, making you realize just how massive the areas in the game are going to be. Necrolimbo was not an exception, but rather the norm in the Elden Ring.


FromSoftware likes to welcome us to a new region with insights into its vastness. In the photo, Liurnia.

On the other side of the spectrum is Caelid, and more specifically your arrival there if you fall into the trap that teleports you to the center of that terrible place. Entering normally from Necrolimbo is already impressive, but doing it through the trap that is set up in that area is absolutely incredible. Not only do you expect a reward for exploring and end up getting kidnapped, but after struggling (to no avail) and running out of the cave you’re in, the first thing you see after emerging triumphantly from that hole in the ground is almost literally hell on earth. Damn you, Miyazaki, I love you.

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