The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

the 9 biggest pokemon in the pokemon universe

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The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Discover which are the most Esports Extrasntic creatures of all Pokemon.

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe
Wailord is the blue whale from the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon is full of fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes. Just as there are the smallest Pokemon in the universe, several have also stood out for being the opposite, that is, giants. Definitely the designs of the franchise and the way in which the developers have created a great variety in this world makes Pokemon feel even more alive and real.

In this article we are going to review the biggest Pokemon that exist, according to the official information from the Pokedex. If you didn’t know, these creatures can measure up to 20 meters tall and would undoubtedly impress anyone if they existed in reality. Below, we explain who wins the crown in this top and what their sizes are.

These are the biggest Pokemon in the entire franchise

Surely you already know some of these Pokemon, because their sizes are not something that has gone unnoticed in video games or in anime. Be that as it may, some have reached impressive heights with its mega evolution and others have simply been added with this feature, especially those that have been around for many years.

Onyx – 8.8 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Onix is ​​one of the first larger Pokemon

Since the first generation, Onix has stood out for its strange long and tall shape, thus being a rock and earth type creature very similar to what a snake would be, but made of several rocks joined together. This Pokemon can reach 8.8 meters in length and it has the ability to move underground, which causes it to generate tremors close to it.

It also has a magnetic brain that helps guide it in the depths. It is a very powerful and tough Pokemon, but it can become aggressive if attacked or invaded in its habitat.

Celesteela – 9.2 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Celesteela is based on a Japanese story.

Celesteela is one of those strangely designed Pokemon that is capable of reaching 9.2 meters in length and can weigh almost a ton. It is a steel/flying type and is part of the category of ultrabeasts with the code name “UE-04 Rocket”. Its appearance is reminiscent of a bamboo stem with two Esports Extrasntic arms that look like rockets. This is because is based on princess Kaguyaa Japanese tale about a girl who emerges from a bamboo and has lunar origin.

Primal Kyogre – 9.8 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Primal Kyogre is one of the most interesting Pokemon of all

As for Primal Kyogre, it is a special form that comes from Kyogre when it uses the blue prism. This is a Legendary Water-type Pokemon that has made several appearances showing that it is capable of manipulating the awesome oceans. Upon reaching this primal transformation, he is able to reach up to 9.8 meters long and can weigh 430 kg, while maintaining its killer whale and mollusk designbut with some red and yellow details that give it that technological aspect.

Mega Steelix – 10.5 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Mega-Steelix can exceed 10 meters in height

It is a special form of Steelix, which is steel and ground type, while evolves directly from Onyx. To get this Mega Evolution, Steelix must have Steelixite equipped and activate it during combat.

It looks like a snake rock giant with steel. Its body is made up of spherical segments that crystallize with the energy released by mega evolution, becoming stronger than any mineral and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. It measures 10.5 meters and is one of the heaviest at 740 kg or more.

Mega Rayquaza – 10.8 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Mega-Rayquaza is one of the most destructive beasts in the Pokemon world.

Although Rayquaza is already a fairly large Pokemon, when it gets its Mega Evolution it can reach 10.8 meters and remains light. Being a Dragon/Flying-type Legendary Pokemon, has the ability to control the elements of the atmosphere and weather. On the other hand, it looks very much like a green snake or eel with yellow lines and its head has a crest resembling a crownto.

Alolan Exeggutor – 10.9 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Alolan Exeggutor has four separate heads

Alola Exeggutor is one of the funniest and most interesting Pokemon in the franchise. Thanks to its palm tree shape, it is capable of reaching almost 11 meters in height. At the same time, what stands out most about this creature are its four heads of coconuts capable of fighting individually.

Dondozo – 12 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Dondozo is another of the giant Pokemon of the franchise

It is a water-type Pokemon with a navy blue body and white and light blue markings. In turn, its desEsports Extrasincludes a giant mouth with white lips and a tongue that looks like a sushi plate. Dondozo arrived during the first generation, he is capable of reach 12 meters and weigh no more than 220 kilos.

Wailord – 14.50 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Wailord is the blue whale from the Pokemon universe.

With 14.5 meters in length and 398 kg in weight, Wailord is the largest known standard Pokemon and made its first appearance during the third generation. It is a water type inspired by the blue whale that lives quietly in groups traveling the oceans. In fact, some people use them as a means of marine transportation.

Eternatus – 20 meters

The 9 biggest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe

Eternatus is an alien pokemon

Last but not least, the Pokemon biggest and unmatched of all is Eternatus, an extraterrestrial creature of the poison/dragon type that is part of the eighth generation that arrived in Galar in a meteorite from space, thus generating the event of the Black Night. He so far he is the most giant of all, with 20 meters tall and 950 kg in weight.

Regarding its design, it has the shape of a crystal dragon Skeletal with translucent red skin and all-black armor incorporating spikes on the surface. As if that were not enough, he has a skull with five horns and on his chest there is a red orb with which he can absorb energy of the stars I wish.

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